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Sangster PTA Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Weinwurm - parent - 6th grade
I think it is working now
Sally-Anne Cleveland - parent K,3
It looks like it is open.
Here you go.
Jami O'Neill - PTA PRES
Carolyn - you are doing a great job! Zoom Queen!
Carolyn Brace- 3/6th parent
As a result from the lower enrollment, what grades are losing AAP and Gen Ed teaching positions?
Anissa Mersiowsky
Just so you had my full question here it is:In the interest of consistency for our children has there been any thought given to looping the kids up with their current teacher? This would be especially helpful if they go back online in the fall. Not only would the children already be comfortable with their teachers, their teachers would know their students and what challenges they may have.I have a follow up question. If a teacher was willing to do take on a new curriculum would they be allowed?
Evah McGinley - 4th parent
I don't have a question -- but just a quick THANK YOU to the PTA, faculty, and staff for putting this together. :)
Andrea Chuahy/ 5th grader/rising K parent
I have a 5th grader and a rising K. Is the school planning to offer a virtual open house for incoming K? If we continue to have online learning, how is going to look for K, Any ideas?