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COVID-19 and Cancer Treatment - Shared screen with speaker view
Beth Brunner
If you have any questions for our speakers today, please feel free to enter them into the chat box. All of our speakers will be available at the end of the presentations to address questions.
Chris Malina
Great webinar. Question: how are cancer centers handling telehealth with patients from more rural areas, where high-speed internet is not a guarantee, and as such, video visits may not be possible? Are they restricted to phone visits, or are there workarounds?
Sophia Aboagye
It's GREAT to hear more about what the clinics are doing. My team and I are working with prostate cancer survivors and men on active surveillance. We are currently planning for when WI opens up again. We are expecting men to be apprehensive. What could we do/say to help ease their minds? We will do as much virtually as possible to mediate as much contact as possible.
Regina Vidaver
If a patient with cancer comes down with COVID and perishes, how is the decision made to count that death as COVID-related vs. attributable to the cancer?
Anne Christopher
How are other radiation oncology sites handling treating PUI patients?
Regina Vidaver
Are cancer centers actively collecting data on the modifications to cancer care that have occurred (e.g. moving from infusion to oral agents; reducing/changing radiation schedules, etc.) so we can learn more about what modifications might be beneficial vs. detrimental?
Alex Peeters
Are there any specific initiatives/recommendations that these centers are doing to educate family members and caregivers?
Debra Nevels
Re: family members and caregivers -- care and prevention in the home....is there any education on how to make sure they maintain care in the home after treatment
Debra Nevels
Sarah Kerch
Access these here - https://wicancer.org/resources/covid19/
Sarah Kerch
Social media toolkit link - https://wicancer.org/resources/covid19/social-media-toolkit-covid-19-and-cancer/
Beth Brunner
Thank you for joining us today! The recording and presentation will be available shortly.
Sarah Kerch
Thank you all!!!
Jennifer Mylock
Thank you!!
Patricia Byro
Thank you for this very informative call! Dr. Lo Conte, Dr. Gutsch thank you for you insights! Patty Byro