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SuperPower Showdown Book Event - Shared screen with speaker view
Wonderful to hear the discussion - could the authors tell us what they see as the key messages of their book looking to the longer term? Bob says this is a first draft of history - so what will people on writing the next draft find especially important in this new book? Thank you. Frank Vogl
Tim Stratford
My impression from talking with US and Chinese negotiators throughout the process was that we were on track to conclude a fairly comprehensive agreement until the Chinese side determined in early 2019, based on various statements and actions of the USG, that an overall goal of the USG was to undermine communist party rule. Do you think we could have concluded the original, robust version of the agreement if the US had a more coherent and better-coordinated overall policy towards China? E.g., if we hadn't been trying to "kill" Huawei at the same time.
John Huntsman?
Alka Khanna
From Anupam Khanna: Since we are talking of a showdown between superpowers not just two random gunmen — what are the implications if any for the other countries? Conversely, how do the other countries figure today in the strategizing of both China and the US. As Europe despairs on the US, the Asians wonder..