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IUSSP 2020 Laureate Ceremony - Gordon De Jong - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Hardy
Very happy to participate in honoring Gordon!
Francis Dodoo
Hi Gordon, It is amazing to be a part of this celebration of yours. Congratulations!!!!!!! fd
Molly Martin
We are awed by his research record, inspired by his teaching and grateful for his generous service! Congratulations, Gordon!!
Valarie King
Congratulations Gordon! Such a well-deserved honor!
Jennifer Glick
Such a well deserved honor! Thank you so much, Gordon, for all you have done!
Kevin Thomas
Gordon, your research and influence have touched many lives, including mine. Congratulations.
Eric Baumer
Thank you for all of your amazing contributions, Gordon! Penn State is fortunate that you continue to grace us with your presence and continue to develop new programs to train future generations. Congratulations!
Jeffrey Cohen
Congratulations Gordon and best wishes!
Léa Pessin
Congratulations, Gordon! Thank you so much for your support and mentorship. We are so fortunate to have you at PRI.
Dumitru Sandu
Congratulations, Gordon, and best wishes!
Brajesh Kumar
I am privileged to attend the ceremony. I am always fascinated by the works of the Laureate Gordon De Jong. I appreciate his Sociological analysis of demographic structure and processes, which adds a new dimension to population studies. Now his work on demography inspires scholars across the discipline. Many congratulations to him. Hope that he will continue to inspire us with his writings.
Diego Iturralde
Congratulations on this deserving accolade. Listening to your peers commend you is so inspiring and encouraging to the discipline. Best wishes from the South African demographic community.
Cassie McMillan
Congratulations on this well deserved honor! Thank you for all your support and membership. Your scholarship, teaching, service, and impact on the discipline are an inspiration to graduate students and young scholars.
Melissa Hardy
(thunderous applause)
Melanie Reynolds
Congratulations Uncle Gordon!
Ibrahim Sirkeci
Once again congratulations Gordon De Jong and thank you IUSSP team for organising this fantastic celebration!
David Lam
Congratulations Gordon. Thanks to all the speakers for a wonderful celebration of Gordon’s brilliant career.