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La Jolla Village Merchants Association Monthly Meeting - June 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Hazel Alterman
Thank you all for sharing your stories so bravely. I continue to be astounded at what you have to endure, despite thinking I am open and caring. Thank you, Merchants Association, for inviting these beautiful people here. I am ON YOUR SIDE - Black Lives Matter and I’m so grateful you are here. Thank you thank you. I want to do whatever I can to help. Change IS IMMINENT. I fervently believe this. It has to.
Julia Espinosa || Social Media
I am so proud of you both! SO beautifully said!
Mathew Gordon
Well Said Paris.
Mathew Gordon
Thank you!
Will Moore
I would love to talk to the panelists about city policies, give me a call on my cell 858-210-7999 - Will Moore, City Council Candidate.
Bill Podway Volunteer
Thank you Paris and Rehema. your brutal honesty and perspective is very enlightening.
Katey Longo
Rehema, Paris, and JR - thank you for being so brave and sharing your stories and experiences with us.
Julie Wright BOD
Thank you Rehema, Paris and JR for sharing your stories. I appreciate the chance to listen.
Julia Espinosa || Social Media
Great job!
Mathew Gordon
Thank you JR! Right on brother!
Norma Kay
Thank you Rehema, Paris & Junior for your sincere testimony!
Lauren Johnston
Thank you all for sharing your sentiments. I appreciate you and the opportunity to hear you.
Jessica Wiley
Thank you Rehema, Paris, and JR for your strength and bravery to share you stories. We hear you and see you and support you
Robert Mackey
Rehema, Paris, JR and Danika, Thank you for sharing! Great to better understand these serious issues.
Birdie Soon
Thank you JR, Paris and Rehema for sharing your stories.
Jodi Rudick
If you have questions from our panel please post them in the chat or text to 858.230.2725
Julie Wright BOD
Do the panelists feel like we are making progress? I've seen some polling that shows a big shift in attitudes on BLM. Are theyoptiimistic?
Kelli Metcalf BOD
Thank you Rehema, Paris, and JR for being here. Your experiences are unacceptable. I'm so proud of all of you for sharing such heartfelt words. <3
Mathew Gordon
Thank everyone involved for organizing this.
Robert Mackey
Thank you for sharing about these serious issues! Very enlightening.What specifically can WE (you all, others and myself) do to begin to solve the current issues?Robert
Hazel Alterman
Is there anything we can do right now, beginning today, other than advocating for you on social media and in our lives general? Is there a group you like locally to join so we can take action?
Ben Roberts
I proud of this panel as a black man as well as member of this community. Thanks for representing. I truly can relate on all levels.
John Leek
You say you will start at la Jolla Cove, which really means Scripps Park. Scripps Park has only been open this week and is still posted that gatherings are forbidden. One may pass through but not stop in a group so making public speeches of any kind can be called a "protest". Just be careful not to get portrayed as lawless. just because you were in one place at the same time.
Mathew Gordon
Oh by the way this is Mathew Gordon here from the office of state Assemblymember Todd Gloria’s office. Happy to be on this call! It is very important. Just want to let you all know our office is here for any assistance or guidance that you may need during this challenging time. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns at (619) 645-3090 or via email at Mathew.gordon@asm.ca.gov.
Mathew Gordon
and as a Black man myself I am very happy to see this important conversation take place.
Bill Podway Volunteer
Question For Julia: Have you ever been mentioned as JR's Hispanic girlfriend?
Bill Podway Volunteer
How would the business owners get the message out to prospective job applicants LJ merchants hire all races?
Danika Zikas
Please check out our Facebook page for more information: Flower March BLM
Bill Podway Volunteer
Thank you, Julia.
Nevin Ramona Cokdegerli
Thank you so much for sharing such raw and real experiences that you’ve had. We love and support you.
Kathryn Kanjo
Many thanks to the panelists for their candor.
Allison Rynne
Thank you. Your message is powerful and very heard.
Diane Kane
The world is in good hand with such articulate, passionate and impressive young people. thanks you!
Julie Wright BOD
What Diane Kane said!
Thank you all so much!
Ed Wit
Way to go great presentation for all to know/hear.
Rehema Ally-Lifa |Diversity Consultant|
Thank you all so much for listening to our stories and experiences!
Paris Eisenbeiss-Panel Member
Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen to our stories and having these difficult conversations. Like Rehema said, I hope you guys were able to take something away from this meeting, change is on the horizon.
Will Moore
Would love to hear from anyone here, give me a call on my cell at 858-210-7999 or email me at mooreforsandiego@gmail.com
JR Justice - Panel Member
Thank you all for being so supportive! I really appreciate all of you not just hearing us but truly listening.
Diane Kane
Is Kelly onto the same person as Katey Kalanges?
Diane Kane
Katey Longo
Katey Longo
Diane Kane
Diane Kane
Thank you, VMA, for taking a positive approach and rolling out a welcome mat for the BLM march.
Robert Mackey
Thank you!
Danika Zikas
Thanks everyone for listening and apologies for not explaining details in depth--I'm speaking off the cuff. I implore all business owners in the area to show their support by displaying signage in solidarity with the movement and instead of boarding up taking this opportunity to implement a change and experience increased business due to that fact. Thank you again!
Nevin Ramona Cokdegerli
Thank you!
Katey Longo
Thank you! So excited for Friday’s flower march!