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Member Videoconference - BC's Restart Plan - Shared screen with speaker view
Patricia Barnes
HI Lori I forwarded you the letter from VCH
Patricia Barnes
The government has said they are leaving it to us. Personal services have to submit a plan to Work Safe BC and have a plan approved as they were closed by the government.
Patricia Barnes
Dentists have already submitted their plan as has the restaurant industry. Retail does not require an approved plan as they were never officially closed
Patricia Barnes
Personal services like hair salons have not industry org?
Joey Hoechsmann, Cranbrook BC
I have to go to another call. Thanks for letting me listen in. good to hear what other communities are doing.
Alex Nixon
Sorry, but I have to jump onto another call- thank you for hosting this Teri & Lori!
Hi, I have to switch to another Zoom meeting. Thank you Teri and Lori. Good luck everyone!!