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Clean Green Pension Scheme Campaign Launch - Shared screen with speaker view
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
For those just joining - we are recording
Julie-ann Booker. SWAP. Dorset.
Welcome all. If you could just change your name on the screen to say if you are a union member and which area you are from. Thanks.
Julie-ann Booker. SWAP. Dorset.
Welcome Rich, we've only just started.
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
Welcome Jim - Carla has only just started speaking - we are recording.
Julie-ann Booker. SWAP. Dorset.
Welcome Jim. Our first speaker, Carla, has just started her presentation.
Jane McCarthy she/her Bucks
I got involved in divestment through Quakers also
Julie-ann Booker. SWAP. Dorset.
Welcome Fi. Our first speaker is giving her presentation. We are recording the session. If you could change your name to say if you are a union member and which area that would be great. thanks.
Joel Moreland
The percentage is low in part because the shares have fallen so far in value over the past decade... )-:
Joel Moreland
(NB relatively)
Joel Moreland
Engagement has two meanings in this conversation:1. Workers engaging with their pension fund and employers.2. The pension fund engaging with companies, particularly with fossil fuel companies.1. WORKS 2. DOESN'T
Margaret Davis
desperate skills shortage in green jobs
Sara Pascoe
BUT Disinvestment was critical in stopping Apartheid in SA, including from companies. What would the fallout be if we simply explained that chosing where we, including through corporations is a moral and legal act? Is that wrong?
Margaret Davis
would be good to use anti russian feeling to get off gas full stop (UK gas prices are determined by global markets)
Alasdair Yule - SWAP - Devon
Pin to Gareth's video to see him
Roger Mckenzie
Sorry I have to nip off to my next meeting. Apologies to you all and the other speakers particularly those I have not been able to hear in full. Solidarity to you all.
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
or go to gallery
Andrew Finney
thank you Roger
Caz Dennett, SWAP Dorset
thank you roger!
Gareth Lowe (Unite South West) (all pronouns)
Link to Unite's dedicated microsite: https://www.learnwithunite.org/environment/
Gareth Lowe (Unite South West) (all pronouns)
How we can change the economy through green investment decisions, maximising job creation and putting workers front and centre:https://www.unitetheunion.org/media/3659/9358_plan-for-green_a4_6-4.pdf
Jenny Lennon-Wood
Thanks to all speakers for this interesting and thought-provoking meeting. Apologies for having to leave early.
Carla Denyer - Green Party co-leader
I've got to head off now - thanks Roger, Gareth and Joel - excellent talks, and thanks to the organisers!
Julie-ann Booker. SWAP. Dorset.
Thanks Jenny, good you could come.
Gareth Lowe (Unite South West) (all pronouns)
See you Carla!
Amy Smith
Sorry i have to go but thank you SO much everyone
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
Thanks Carla -
Gareth Lowe (Unite South West) (all pronouns)
Thanks to all who need to leave early
Julie-ann Booker. SWAP. Dorset.
https://dtaction.co.uk/swap/ here is the link to the website
Gareth Lowe (Unite South West) (all pronouns)
Thanks, Julie
Gareth Lowe (Unite South West) (all pronouns)
Julie-ann! ;-)
Joel Moreland
Just to be clear the financial arguments are strong for fossil fuel companies and airports (compared to engagement) but might not be as strong when it comes to other high carbon sectors, eg, some utilities have switched from coal to renewables successfully.
Rich Sleight
Has the Environment Agency pension fund fully divested already?
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
I am sure Bristol Greens would be happy to talk to councillors elsewhere about submitting council motions on it - as they have so much experience !
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
Just going along to committee meetings and submitting questions is also good.
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
You need to check your pensions web site to see what process is for submitting a question and being allowed to attend - do it as a group - it is fun !
Sigurd Reimers SWAP Som&Wilts Pensioner
Yes, worth going to Pensions Committee, AND (oversight)Board which keeps an eye on processes in decision-making
Elaine Ashley - SWAP & Unison Bristol
You can also just submit statements to committees - just tell them how you feel and why you are angry about the investments - you don’t have to be an expert.
Marlene WiltshirePensionBoard-Employee Rep
A really thought provoking session, thank you - sorry but I must leave now, but would like to be keep informed please
Sarah Payne Somerset Unison
Many thanks for the interesting discussion. Sorry I need to leave.
Gareth Lowe (Unite South West) (all pronouns)
See you, Marlene and Sarah
Joel Moreland
The amount invested is not a firm number because it depends on definitions. Is a mining company that has only 10% coal that it is winding down a fossil fuel company? Particularly if it is mostly copper and other materials needed for the transition. It is often easier to focus on Exxon, Shell and BP.
Joel Moreland
… if they have a policy to divest those three then it probably covers most of them.