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Fireside with FedTech: Mike Paley - Shared screen with speaker view
Lindsey Smith
Welcome everyone! As Ben mentioned, please enter any questions here in the chat.
Amanda stein
please type any questions for Mike here!
Amanda stein
we will transition into your questions next
Rob Nicholson
If the DoD and a Univ enter into a CRADA, what are some creative ways to fund projects? ie A small business using SBIR funding, Private Industry, etc.
Will Dickson
how many SBIRs should I expect to apply to before winning my first Phase I?
Will Dickson
can you explain more about the "government use rights" that the SBIR sponsoring org receives?
Lindsey Smith
Great questions! Keep them coming, folks :)
Will Dickson
how do I balance writing multiple proposals in parallel? I think my technology could be useful for the Army, Air Force, and NSF SBIRs...do I need to make each proposal materially different? or could I write the same proposal and just not accept the others if I win all three?
Jose Munoz
Is there a service available that would let one know what SBIRs are currently available from various agencies?
Lindsey Smith
We post some things on our Slack #opportunities channel too!
Andrew Mariyanich
How are SBIR proposals evaluated when the team does not include a subject matter specialist (PhD or Master’s)?
Geoffrey Odlum
If a startup wants to apply for a Phase I SBIR but hasn't done it before, do you know of any services or resources the startup can go to for free help in putting together the SBIR application? (Ie, any FedTech instructors or mentors with deep SBIR experience willing to review an application? :) )
Rahul Trivedi
Is it possible to see some past proposals that won?
John Howard
1 - What types of letter’s of support do you try obtain for your proposals 2 - what are the most critical elements that need to be included in those letters of support? 3 - Best strategy for obtaining those letters?
Geoffrey Odlum
Great chat, thanks!