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AASA What Works: Digital Mental Health - Developmentally Supporting the Brain in Transition - Shared screen with speaker view
Valerie Truesdale
High anxiety calls for innovation in digital mental health https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/04/high-anxiety-calls-for-innovation-in-digital-mental-health-6b7b4e7044/
Valerie Truesdale
Question from Nyah in Loudoun County, VA 1. How should educators leverage support from organizations such as ASCA, NASP, etc. to learn best practices for providing school-based mental health services virtually, in-person, or through a hybrid model?2. What are the considerations needed to address mental health in a virtual environment from a racial equity perspective?
Valerie Truesdale
Pia: Self care for educators is an ethical responsibility
Valerie Truesdale
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Valerie Truesdale
Thank you, All, for sharing your time with us today -- what an energizing session this has been. Deep appreciation is extended to Murali, Pia, Carol and Mort for your inspirational messages. Be safe. Be strong.
Valerie Truesdale
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Debra T. Wiley
Thanks to each of you, this was an informative session. I hope that you will come back!