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Cider School #11: The State of UK Cider with Gabe Cook AKA The Ciderologist - Shared screen with speaker view
Scott Josephson
Hi everyone! Greetings from New York! Great to see Gabe at this event. I read his book a few months ago and LOVED it. Strongly recommend The Ciderologist!!
Emily Kovach
I always thought that would be the hardest part of writing a cider book - how quickly things change and how many new cideries there are all the time!
Scott Josephson
Time for a sequel: Ciderology Strikes Back?
Scott Josephson
Do you like cider cocktails? If so, what are some of your favorites?
what is your opinion on crazy flavours and hybrids that cideries produce in North America? Is it dangerous to stray from classic apple ciders as the category aims to define itself?
Sego Jackson
Are there any good virtual guides or even webinars, virtual tours of the UK cider producing areas or cideries?
Gidon Coll
How has the U.K. cider industry evolved in the past several years? Has there been a significant increase in the number of new U.K. cideries during this period.
Emily Kovach
I have a sort of follow up Q: Is the "too much heritage" problem shifting at all with the younger generation of drinkers coming into the market?
Andrew Addison
Along a similar line, how have you seen SW pub culture and local cities adapt or change in the last few years in such a historic cider region? I lived/studied in Exeter 10 years ago. Loved the pubs in Devon and the SW -- great cider selections, traditional fresh scrumpy, affordable, special cider festivals & tastings on a regular basis. Definitely miss it!
Scott Josephson
Do you like cider cocktails? If so, what are some of your favorites?
Emily Kovach
What's the natural wine movement like in the UK ? Is there maybe an avenue for cider to reach more people through that?
I am exploring apple cider vinegar up in Lancashire. Working with nature not using any additives etc. Slow matured in old whiskey barrels. Do you know on anyone working with specialist flavours. I am trying different blossoms and fruits to flavour.
Gidon Coll
What are the top 3 U.K. cider events worth making the trip to check out?
Since culture, trends and information is perhaps spreading faster than beverages can be transported (lex this forum and alike), will future europeans be drinking US ciders and vice versa or should we focus more on styles and branding methods and cultural content?
woho! pomologik =)