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Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce 2025 Forum Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Van Dorn
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Randy & Lisa Brown
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Herb Ritter
Is there a website that show Hospitalization Capacity?
Steve Grau (Royal Ambulance)
Here is a good Alameda County Covid-19 Resource - https://ems.acgov.org/covid19
Steve Van Dorn
I don't believe so, but I'll ask him.
Steve Grau (Royal Ambulance)
tracks cases by city
Brad Hirst
Vera Revelli
Can you share the results of the employee antibody tests? ie # of employees and % positive?
joe foos
our firm created an app to enable companies to screen returning employees with questions such as temp check, symptoms, family members, etc. some want to record temp data, others don’t. it feels like a feel good solution since asymptomatic people can carry the virus and pass it along. does rick think these workplace screening protocols are still valuable, or potentially giving people a false sense of security where they might not wear masks or wash hands as they should ?
joe foos
do the hospitals still need blood donations as desperately as they
joe foos
... did during the height of the pandemic ?
Herb Ritter
The website for Hospitalization capacity does not show local geographically. (ie. Tri-Valley vs Oakland) Wouldn't that help justify what cities can open faster?
Steve Grau (Royal Ambulance)
Here is the breakdown by City- https://ems.acgov.org/covid19
Vera Revelli
I think knowing the low percent of healthcare staff being anti-body positive is a good tool for helping the public understand the usefulness of basic PPE for public - masks and handwashing. I wonder if they would be willing to publish to make this point? I see a lot of people blowing off the face masks and distancing.
Herb Ritter
Did the protests and non-social distancing affect Hospitalization capacity in the Tri Valley negatively due to Covid?
Herb Ritter
How much longer will the Alameda County Testing site be available?