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KE 'n' Coffee - 17th June 2020 - Gallery view
Barry Timmins
Impossible to consider SMEs as a homogenous group, really need to think of them in various types/customers like a marketer may do.
Barry Timmins
be interesting to hear what you think of the value of turnover? there are fastest
Dan King
What strikes me is how old much of the identified “state of the art” literature is. And is contrasted to the extent of tacit knowledge within university U-I engagement teams that could provide a significant knowledge base around SME collaboration, motivations and pathways.
Michael Gray
I found hopin a great digital platform to explore on and learn something new: https://hopin.to/
Sarah Brooks
We had a "research online dating" workshop last week - it did help with the lightbulb moments that Tamsin was just talking about. The organisers used KIStorm as a platform. (From University of Exeter, btw)
Michael Gray
hundreds of people were on it for Zincs recent Mission 3 Show and Tell event
Dan King
Has any university analysed their own SME HE-BCI data to explore the location / proximity question? Obviously ERDF type funding forces a certain geography, but outside of this what is the pattern?
Tom Hockaday
Data - probably as simple as they got a new database and process to collect the information better …
Barry Timmins
Maturity of the research centre/team also has an impact on location, world leaders in their field are sought out globally, more emerging research groups/interests are more relevant regionally
Yvonne Kinnaird
Scottish HEIs report to the Scottish Funding Council on the number and value of interactions with SMEs in their KE Metrics return which we submit annually. It’s similar to HEBCIS but more detailed and includes whether the companies are based in Scotland, the rest of the UK or non UK too.
We have found that internships and placements are an excellent way (and apprenticeships if you have non-levy funds) are excellent entry level ways to lead to longer term engagement like KTPs which do require the SME to invest
Tom Hockaday
Very good point about voucher level anchoring the value. Are the voucher schemes a gimmick ?
Tom Hockaday
Great as always - thank you!
Sarah Brooks
Thank you! Very interesting discussion :)
Dan King
Another good session, thanks.
Robert Goodfellow
cheers all!
Becky Moore
Thanks all
Michael Gray
thank you everyone. My first, but I'll def be back!
Lindsey Ranson
Thank you!