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Monday LTC Provider Call - SNFs - Shared screen with speaker view
Robin Nelson
Is CMS/DHHS approving dentist coming into facilities on a non-emergent basis? We have a separate room for the visits to take place.
Robin Nelson
We, at Maplewood of Cheshire County are doing out initial testing this week. Just got the kits this weekend.
Robin Nelson
We will be a week behind in the surveillance testing
Brendan Williams
Has the vendor indicated what the turnaround time will be for test results?
gina queiros
We had our surveillance testing and we are on day 5 no results still
gina queiros
Why cant the results be emailed to the Administrators?
Tricia Cummings
We are also on day 5 and have only received one test result back out of just under 200.
gina queiros
staff and 10% of residents
Tricia Cummings
These are for 100% staff and 10% of the residents.
gina queiros
We did the release
gina queiros
gina queiros
Thank you
gina queiros
public health lab
Tricia Cummings
This was the surveillance testing. All swabs were sent to the state lab.
Tricia Cummings
We were told this morning that some of our swabs were diverted to Dartmouth if that helps.
Tricia Cummings
I am being told now that we have received 71 results just now.
Judy Grimes
Our initial staff testing will be done this Wednesday. Could I get a release of information form prior to this date? Please and thank-you
Tricia Cummings
Just a thought, if the reports are finalized, is it possible to have the long term care facility to pick up the reports in person rather than wait for the fax?
Robin Nelson
s CMS/DHHS approving dentist coming into facilities on a non-emergent basis? We have a separate room for the visits to take place.
Robin Nelson
Thank you Kristie
Carriage Hill
I know it is very difficult to answer questions about each specific case, but in general, can we have some guidance about staff requirements to quarantine if they have family visiting this summer from states other than NH, VT and ME, traveling by personal car, but staying at hotels during the trip and then staying with staff members?
Robin Nelson
Pertaining to Covid surveys, are they ongoing and will they be repeated as time goes on?
Kim Pruett-Ilg
I am with Lake Sunapee VNA, and our spiritual care and MSWs have been assisting hospice patients in facilities with virtual family visits. So one option might be to outsource when possible. Most VNA's are likely in the same position where we are glad to assist in any way we can to support our facility partners.
Doreen Shockley
Beginning at 11 :59 p.m. on Sunday, March 151\ all assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, nursing facilities, residential care facilities, as those terms are defined in RSAs 151151-H, or any other similar facilities providing residential care to elderly or infirm patients, shall prohibit visitor access to reduce facility based transmission of COVID-19. This prohibition shall not apply to medically necessary personnel, visitors for residents receiving end of life care, or visitors necessary to provide for a residents psychosocial needs as determined by a licensed medical care provider