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Fit for 55 - financing a successful transition across Europe - Shared screen with gallery view
Arasan Aruliah
Please put any questions in the Q&A tab, not here!
Nigel Cotton
Natural Gas is not sustainable. If you want to use it use it, but it is not sustainable, Methane emissions are 86x more potent over 20years than coal emissions. Emissions are currently understated.
Matthew James - Energy Post
Hi Nigel, please can you put yiur question into the Q and A tab thanks
Matthew James - Energy Post
Good morning everyone, thanks for the questions on Q and a. Please keep them coming. you can ask your questions directly to Tomasz, Stefaan, Pieter and Catherine ONLY in Q and A tab. thanks
Łukasz Lech
Natural gas should stand out as a transition fuel because of its electricity supply stability and possible flexibility potential compared to RES technologies. Usage of natural gas in highly efficient CHP leads to less polluting effects compared to other fossil fuels. Eventually, natural gas might be replaces by zero or low emission e.g. biogas, hydrogen. There is a need to build a stable resources to compansate RES output instability How to you see the development of such stability in countries phasing out coal, w/o nuclear and low potential for hydro?
Hi everyone! We are talking almost all the time about the EU funds and initiatives for climate actions. But the transition is impossible without massive involvement of the banks. Currently they are reluctant because there is a prejudice that most of the green project are not profitable and all of them are very high risk. On the other hand with public funds are financed entirely bankable project. So... there is something wrong in the ecosystem.....Your comments, please
Ales Bulc
Sometimes it is not a question of what is economical. It is a problem to build a new capacity. Not in my backyard. There is a lack of motivation to actually build what is needed for emission neutrality.
Łukasz Lech
Activities that do not meet sustainability criteria cannot be recognised under the Taxonomy Regulation. In order to acknowledge the role of natural gas as an important technology in reducing GHG emissions, the European Commission will consider a specific legislation to ensure that activities contributing to emissions reductions would not be deprived of appropriate financing.