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Supported Decision-Making, by Jennifer Levin, The ARC of Colorado - Shared screen with speaker view
Julie Selsberg
Do you have SDM Agreement templates that you can share?
Jonathan Culwell
What would the disability community wish to see happen if a supported person makes a decision that a guardian/conservator disagrees with and prevents - such as withdrawing all funds in the earlier example?
Dr. Richard Spiegle
Would this person be considered to have a fiduciary relationship with the client?
Dr. Richard Spiegle
If this person would become the beneficiary of a large sum of money as a gift from the client, would that be considered a conflict or an act of exploitation?
Sarah McSwegin
Is it correct that supported decision making has no legal basis in that you would need one of the alternatives for most scenarios? For instance an ROI or MDPOA is needed for a parent to be able to speak with the individuals medical team, even if medical is outlined in supported decision making team? Supported decision making would not stand as the only document giving permission to speak with medical team?
Erin Dougher
As with POAs, can the person with disabilities withdraw the designation of Supported Decision maker at any time? what is the process for that?
Dr. Richard Spiegle
Thank you, very much. Your presentation was very interesting and informative.
Carl Glatstein
Thank you for an excellent balanced presentation!
kari Fillmore
Thank you so much!
Marilyn Halpern & Kelly Valdez-Moore
Thanks so much!!
Naomi Richards
great presentation. thank you!
Korinne Rice
Thank you for the great presentation!