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July (non)Contact Breakfast - Shared screen with speaker view
Gully Stanford
Eternal thanks to @MKV for your vision, leadership and overall brilliance. The vibrant Dutchess County arts community is forever in your debt!
Nicholas Kalogris
Again, thank you Mary Kay for you help with the Hellenic Festival over the years and to let everybody know, the GyroFest will take place at the Hellenic Center on July 24 and 25. Info at Kimisisny.org.
Judi Stokes
Congratulations MK! It's been a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your next adventures!
Julie Judkins
#ThankYouMKV for all you've done for your community, for the Appalachian Trail, and the millions of visitors that flock to Dutchess County! The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is grateful for your partnership, service, and work. Hope you can take many a hike in this next chapter!
Melaine Rottkamp
Good morning! It's a beautiful day in Dutchess. Thanks for joining us!
Nicholas Kalogris
Congratulations to Melaine as well. All the best in your new position.
Michael Roe
Congratulations Mary Kay. Enjoy a wonderful, well-deserved retirement!
Melaine Rottkamp
Thanks Nick
Nicholas Kalogris
I’m looking forward to seeing you at GyroFest.
Tina Eckert
Good Morning Everyone! Happy Wednesday!
Kerry Connelly
A Huge Thank You to Mary Kay for all you have done! It truly has been a pleasure working with you. Good Luck on your next adventure!
Marie Dow
Goof morning to one and all -- Best of luck to you Mary Kay - we will miss you - Happy travels
Lynne Versaci
A big congrats to Melanie, and Mary Kay a big thank you for your dedication to our beautiful county!
cathy secor
Wishing you Happy Travels and Thank you for all you've contributed and all you are.
Filomena Fanelli
Chiming in with congrats to Melaine! We're in good hands.
Terri Campbell
Congratulations Mary Kay! You make your alma mater, College of Saint Mary in Omaha, Nebraska very proud! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!
Nicholas Kalogris
Hi Cathy, Great to hear from you as well.
Alex Klein
Congratulations Mary Kay and thanks to all the sponsors!
Melaine Rottkamp
Thanks Lynne & Filomena! Looking forward to continuing to build on Mary Kay's foundation.
Barbara Ostrander
Mary Kay - I was the lucky winner of your "purse"onality at last year's Go Red for Women. The tiny bible, shattered purse and TONS of Dutchess County tourism stuff. What a big heart you have supporting so many organizations. Best wishes on your next chapter!
Nicholas Kalogris
Great to see you Frank.
Ellen Gambino
Mary Kay: Congratulations and Best Wishes on your retirement. We will miss you!
Freddy Garcia
Good morning! Thank you Mary Kay for all you’ve done for our County! A big congrats to Melanie. We are in good steady hands.
Nicholas Kalogris
Mary Kay. I still remember the first time we worked together on the Quadricentennial. It was fun to work with you and again, you are Distinctively Dutchess.
susan wides
Mary Kay, We are all grateful for your fine achievements! Your support of ’T’ Space means the world to us. Best wishes for your chapter. We look forward to seeing you in the ‘hood!
Sarah Lee
So much to be proud of, Mary Kay!
Frank Castella, Jr.
Keep making her smile and laugh!
April Gozza
Mary Kay! Simply THE BEST! A genuine friend, mentor, role model and inspiration to so many. Wishing you a long and enjoyable retirement! Congratulations!
Maureen Gittelman
On behalf of DCC’s Department of Business, Aviation & Construction Professions, #ThankyouMKV for your service on our Business Advisory Committee and for your service to our local economy through your leadership of our hospitality and tourism industry.
Erica Salzmann-Talbi
Mary Kay Vrba is a treasure. Like another famous woman from Dutchess County, Eleanor Roosevelt, she's a woman that makes things happen, and does so in an inclusive, kind and generous way :). Thank you Mary Kay!
Filomena Fanelli
All of us at WLA appreciate you. (That's Gloria Cukar speaking - she surprised Mary Kay by showing up at her doorstep the other day during our farewell party Zoom.)
Pamela Edington
MKV is Ok! Actually she’s the best promoter, best partner, and one of the best people in Dutchess County. The work she has done on our behalf will be felt for years! A heartfelt thank you and best wishes to Mary Kay!
Frank Castella, Jr.
Tarrel Gabel Painting
Filomena Fanelli
Yes, Tarryl Gabel painting of the view at Long Dock Park in Beacon. One of Mary Kay's favorite spots in Dutchess County.
Dawn Wilson
Charlie! : )
Mark Copans
MKV is the best! We're all going to miss you!
Nicholas Kalogris
Great to see you Charlie!
Lori Traboldt
MK - remembering back over 35 years of friendship and memories. when I was a desk clerk and you were with the tour company. With much respect and admiration. You are truly one of the best leaders I have known though out my career
Gully Stanford
Bravo, Melaine, a worthy successor to a Titan of Tourism!
Frank Castella, Jr.
It's Ron Hicks!
Melaine Rottkamp
I'm on it! Tissues have been passed!
April Gozza
Well done Ron
Karen Unger
How lovely to have an annual MKV award to honor her legacy and a Mary Kay Day, too. She is an inspiration to us all.
Dawn Wilson
Ron, I look forward to Mary Kay day next year!
Nicholas Kalogris
Well done Marc. Well done Ron.
Filomena Fanelli
Kerry Connelly
Congratulations Mary Kay! You will truly be missed! Best Wishes from everyone at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Poughkeepsie!
Joyce Betros
Again sincere congratulations! Thank you for your amazing service to our county. Well earned and well deserved. Happy retirement and very best wishes. Marie Dow and Joyce Betros
Stancy DuHamel
Thank you Mary Kay for all you’ve done for the Harlem Valley A.T. Community (Dover & Pawling), the Town of Dover, and the Harlem Valley. You are a rock star. We could not do what we do without you - you and your talented staff increased exponentially our capacity to promote the growing outdoor recreation over here in eastern Dutchess. You’ve been a trusted advisor since 2012 when we applied for our Appalachian Trail Conservancy designation in 2012.
Valerie LaRobardier
Much love, and gratitude for all you've accomplished! Congratulations and many blessings going forward.
Kristine Revelle
Simply the best. #ThankYouMKV
Steven Bleier
Congratulations Mary Kay! I wish you the very best going forward. You are a great leader and Ambassador for Dutchess County. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you through the Chamber.