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Black Lives Matter & Race in the Workplace - Shared screen with speaker view
Lynne Graham
Can you please give details of the recommended resources for education? Thanks, Lynne
Louise Parry
We'll include details of the recommended reading with a recording of the webinar which will be sent out tomorrow
Colin Jellicoe
Hi Mac, thank you for your time and contribution today, really good and informative. Thank you, Colin
Lynne Graham
Hi Mac. I was stuck by your comment that BAME colleagues shouldn't be expected to be 'experts' on diversity. We have an active BAME network at Thames Water and use the network to have conversations about what we can improve. But this does mean only a small proportion of the 15% of BAME colleagues in the company are involved. Any thoughts on how we can widen the debate to the wider population - or should we leave it to those who have stepped forward?
Lawrence Chege
It would be interesting to find out how many attendees are in a position to make policy changes in different companies … don't we need also to direct this debate to people to can affect and drive policy changes in utility companies
Lawrence Chege
Lynne Graham
Thanks Mac
David Hartley
Thanks for your time and expertise, Mac. Thanks for organising Louise :)
Lawrence Chege
Many thanks.