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Making Nigeria's Response to COVID-19 Gender-Sensitive - Shared screen with speaker view
Chiagozie Udeh
welcome everyone
Chiagozie Udeh
We will be starting shortly
FES Nigeria
Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining in. We will start the webinar in a minute. Thank you.
FES Nigeria
All attendees can drop questions in the Q&A section, thank you.
Plangsat Dayil
Thank you and I am happy to be here.
Plangsat Dayil
The government is not intentional in its speech about the various ways in which the lockdown affects women specifically.
Chiagozie Udeh
All attendees can drop questions in the Q&A section, will help to get answers to them, thank you.
Plangsat Dayil
What are the present structures for reporting and seeking redress for women and girls who are locked down in homes and spaces where they experience violence and abuses. I know courts are not in session and the mobile courts are only to take care of those who disobey lock down orders.
Plangsat Dayil
You are right Olabukunola, FIDA Nigeria have provided phone numbers for women and girls in distress. We have received several calls and due to restrictions on movements, these women are not getting the timely support and had to endure more than they can carry.
Kelvin Ayemhenre
As at 9th April 2020 South Africa police recorded 2,300 gender based violence complaints due to lockdown, what is the statistics for the Nigeria context, how do we ensure gender based violence is addressed in its totality. Due to lack of information statistics in Nigeria.
FES Nigeria
Kelvin, kindly post this in the Q&A section. thank you.
Ogah Ejegwoya
thank you sir PPRO frank mbah, my question would rather be, when is your office going to do this information sharing so the public knows your patrol vehicles are available for emergency services? This is because of how busy your work schedule can be so the giant move is not slept on. Thank you again sir for the wonderful work the police has been doing and is doing.
FES Nigeria
Thank you, Ogah. Kindly post this in the Q&A
FES Nigeria
@Dr Adaora, there will be time for spoken comments. For now, feel free to drop comments here and questions in Q&A. Thank you.
Ogah Ejegwoya
thank you Mrs Williams for being very honest about the unavailability of a coordinated approach.
FES Nigeria
From Olabukunola Willams
FES Nigeria
For Badagry, please contact DSVRT 08137960048 or 09062887843 and Mirabel Centre - 08155770000
FES Nigeria
From Buky Williams
FES Nigeria
And please all abuses especially human rights abuses should be report to NHRC. We need them to be documented so that the security agencies can be held accountable - 08037875424, 08179371339 or report.nhrc.gov.ng
Plangsat Dayil
Thank you very much to the organisers of this meeting. There is a lot we can do to ensure women's issues are mainstreamed in terms of prevention, response and intervention. Organisations, including security agencies and health sector must work together to make this work. We cannot afford to work in silos to engender gender.
Ize Adava
The response also needs to be devolved at state levels too, because states have their various EoCs and Taskforces usually chaired by the Deputy Govs.
Ize Adava
Advocacies need to be carried out at state levels and as the state level responses need to pick up.
Olabukunola Willams
You can read our policy paper on why gender matters to the COVID19 response in Nigeria and recommendations to the Presidential Task Force, donors and civil society here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DsUt_mmG0Ihg3YNVNUmsClvKnre_5Pgg5MqDG8fe6dc/edit?usp=sharing
FES Nigeria
Thank you very much to all panelists and attendees.