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LeTip Leadership National Monthly Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Ad Specialties - LESLEY SATTIN
Will you send out the PP presentation pls or is it on the letip.com
Ins Life health Disabability
Lots of groups of using a powerpoint… You can make your own, you can request another chapters powerpoint or YES we will give you a blank format to fill in and personalize for your chapter... Please email me for help...
CompConsultant-Chuck Phillips Huntington Beach
We tried doing a hybrid meeting (Zoom on a projector) with some success.
Ad Specialties - LESLEY SATTIN
I liked the modern one that Doug had
HomeHealth-Toni Petruzzo
please send powerpoint to me, sd@preferhome.com
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
Powerpoint has a lot of great templates you can start with.
Telecom - Leslee
We've been having a lot of success with Zoom. Doing Breakouts, speakers, show boating, it's all going really well.
AttyWillsTrustsEstates-Marianne Rantala
We have a PP presentation w/ slides for every portion of the meeting, including a 30 second timer & Pledge of Allegiance. We've also instituted chapter rules and are sending letters to those failing to attend the Zoom meetings. Nothing in person yet (Long Island, NY).
CFO LeTip-John Pokorney KNBA
The PPT Doug Showed is now on LeTipWired. Just search "virtual" in the Document Library
CFO LeTip-John Pokorney KNBA
New Technology is also available to help with getting more outside tips. See training video of the Extended Network App at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vySC4t-_58c&feature=youtu.be
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
Our florist is busier than ever!
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
We have been using powerpoint minimally so that we can keep on seeing people's faces. It's okay on a desktop to see both, but on a mobile device, it's more difficult.
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
Great idea Kim Marie!
Loan Officer - Jeannette Hartmann
Is that list something available now? Where do we find it?
CFO LeTip-John Pokorney KNBA
Sample rosters are available in LeTipWired under document library. Search "roster"
CFO LeTip-John Pokorney KNBA
Members can reach out to additional chapters and broaden their network. This is key specifically for unique categories.
Great tips and ideas! I appreciate the leadership of this organization! Pablo Dibello VP, LeTip of Las Vegas, Holistic Health Care www.HealthyMentor.com
RealEstateRes-Kurt Kettel
Forces me (and makes me accountable) to "get out" of my basement & involved in the world
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
Drives my marketing each week. How am I showing up in the meeting? How am I showing up in the world?
Telecom - Leslee
The benefit lately has been how much we as a board have sharpened our tools as a leadership group. It's spilling over into our businesses and a lot of folks are seeing 60+% growth over last year for simply being in the constant state of mind of getting creative. That benefit is fantastic alone. We have been forced to find every single ounce of value for our members and every week they are finding it. We have better attendance on Zoom then we did in person. It's been great. We will go back to in person when the time comes, but we are finding a lot of success. If you are not having the same success, please email me at leslee_fielder@comcast.com and I can help you
AttyWillsTrustsEstates-Marianne Rantala
Our chapter is $75/quarter.
Ins P&C-Jose Gastelum
Our Zoom meetings since April have had full attendance, 19-20, except for one member. Everyone really enjoys the socializing and interaction. It is like our support group.
CompConsultant-Chuck Phillips Huntington Beach
Given that our chapter expenses are rather minimal, we're putting dues on hold
HomeHealth-Toni Petruzzo
We are not charging dues at this time
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
We are charging minimal dues ($50 per month), but believe that the value for being in the group is way more than $50 per month.
Anchor Payroll-Gerry
We have kept our quarterly dues the same and are using the funds for rewards, Zoom subscription, website re-design, etc
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
We are getting creative with any extra $ and creating a program to give $$ back to members.
CFO LeTip-John Pokorney KNBA
Gerry - great idea. Rewarding members who are supporting the chapter the most
Organizer - Katherine Macey - Los Angeles
Planning on rewarding members for showing up, tipping, bringing guests.
Comp Networks-Pam Lowry
Excellent idea!
WaterPurification-Collin w - VP - AKNB
I think having the online meetings is a great way to grow the group. People are hungry for opportunity and we are handing them a prebuilt sales force.
John Pyron "The Business Doctor"
I brought in 2 members last week…prospecting works and Paul is sharing golden nuggets right now…10-15 minutes a day makes a difference
John Pyron "The Business Doctor"
Would you like to make more money this year?
John Pyron "The Business Doctor"
Could you use more business?
John Pyron "The Business Doctor"
Hey, are you in town next week?
John Pyron "The Business Doctor"
Would you like to join a bunch of Entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses?
Computers - Marty Isozaki
Benefits for our members: loyalty; new business info from speakers/showboaters; invaluable resource info on PPP, employees, and other things to keep businesses viable; connecting people to resources/contacts; expand networking even before doors re-open; offers to help each other; teaching members to learn how to host Zoom meetings (to expand how members; teaching members how to give online presentations; sharing ideas on how to reinvent our businesses.