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2020 Hiroshima Commemoration - Shared screen with speaker view
Thank you. for making it clear that the US dropped the bomb make sure soviet Union does not become stronger and more loved by defeating the Japanese as they had defeated the Germans.
kevin kamps
Thank you Peter. And thanks for your Dec. 2003 conference at AU re: the Cuban Missile Crisis, held on the eve of the unveiling of the Enola Gay at the Smithsonian near Dulles Airport. A powerful conference, with numerous Hibakusha in attendance.
Jim Wagner
I forgot my lines, and forgot to introduce John Steinbach of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Committee of the National Capital Area. John has been doing this important work for over 30 years. John, thank you!
kevin kamps
Tanaguchi-san spoke in New York City in 2010, correct? At the NPT review conference shadow event? I think he said something that stunned me — he was taken out of the city into the mountains in the immediate aftermath. And the US Air Force strafed their camp in the mountains. I couldn’t believe that after atom bombing the city, the US military felt the need to strafe the survivors from above.
Jim Schulman
Oy vey, Kevin. Thank you for sharing this.
kevin kamps
Leslie, didn’t you speak at the 2003 protest against the Enola Gay unveiling at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles? Daniel Ellsberg also spoke there that day.
Leslie Sussan
yes I did speak at the 2003 protext. thank you for remembering
kevin kamps
Thank you all for a powerful and moving event. I have to go, to attend the Pace e Bene event focused on Los Alamos’s role, starting now.
Leslie Sussan
For anyone who would be interested in knowing more about the book, you can visit the website at https://hiroshima-choosinglife.com/
Leslie Sussan -- Thank you. I'm learning a good deal about this history! I applaud your tenacity, humanity, & brilliance. How beautifully -- & powerfully -- you pay tribute to your father and to all those suffering souls in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and other Earth spaces. Let us now learn to study destruction no more!
Jim Wagner
There was racism and classism in the choice of test locations, correct Dennis?
Jim Wagner
Leslie, belated thanks. Ver moving. And I’m not a poetry person, but I really liked the poem at the end. JW
Jim Wagner
Dennis, Is there any U.S. bill or compensation for communities where nuclear waste has been stored, like Hanford, WA?
Luz Rooney
Luz Rooney
Violet Shenkman
Thank you all for a very informative and thought provoking presentation! Vi
Luz Rooney
rose edwards
Carrie Buchanan
I have to leave because of a conference I’m attending. I am so very glad to have been able to join you for this wonderful program.
Carrie Buchanan
It’s a virtual conference, of course!
Jim Wagner
Carrie, stay in touch. Onward, Into the Light
Jim Wagner
Peter, I assume there is work on trying to put nuclear arsenals under the control of artificial intelligence (AI). Can you comment on this; it seems frightening to me?
Jim Schulman
Agent Orange (Trump) wants to use force, and force only, as his brand of diplomacy!
Jim Schulman
I meant to say, "threat of force."
Jim Schulman
My college roommate's father, Theodore Taylor, was a physicist, author of "The Curve of Binding Energy" who helped develop the H-Bomb. He spent the last half of his life working against proliferation after he visited Moscow, and realized that what he had done was immoral.
Jim Wagner
To Simin’s earlier point, I wholeheartedly agree that imperialism and war can’t be separated from nuclear weapons. I wanted to add that I think it is very instructive to look at the shades of imperialism and the roots of imperialism. I submit that a quest for economic hegemony is a form of imperialism, and that economics is at the root of most imperialism. It is at the root of the environmental destruction and many of our other problems, I also submit. Let’s find a better economic system: Jim Schulman and I briefly discussed this last evening at All Souls. JW
Jim Schulman
Dennis was there a 2nd point?
Luz Rooney
Thank YOU!