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Creating and Funding Healing-Centered Schools: The Time is Now - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Price
Tony Thurmond
Students never stop learning….
Tony Thurmond
I appreciate Dr. Ginwright’s call to consider how we accelerate learning including social and emotional learning. Thank you.
Beth Kuenstler
The shift from PTSD to Persistent Traumatic Stress Environment is a helpful context for all of this amazing information
Beth Kuenstler
Thank you
Alison Hsieh
so true, it’s a symptom of a larger problem. thank you for calling that out!
Kirsten Haney
SOR's (school resource officers) have been an asset to the school mental health teams, instead of having law enforcement with no experience with the school culture showing up.
Kirsten Haney
Case managers are needed, program like HARRTS are needed. Mental health support and coaching for teachers is needed. Having students invest in their physical campus brings pride and communtiy. Wellness spaces are needed.
Kirsten Haney
Our FAST (families and students together) is facilitated by mental health and non-credentialed staff.
Aimee Eng
We love hearing from all of you! Don't forget to also put your questions for speakers into the Q&A as well! :)
Kirsten Haney
The mission of our program is to heal trauma and promote resiliency. Promoting resiliency is the way to go!
Alison Hsieh
I’m so glad you brought up the transportation factor! sometimes I think we can forget how geography/transportation play into access to resources
Aimee Eng
Hi Paula - long time!! We should catch up sometime, hope you're well. :)
Kirsten Haney
ACES is linked to so many mental health and physical health aliments!
Tony Thurmond
Let’s start working with Congress now to get them to drop the requirement to have a diagnosis to access Medi-Cal. Supporting students does not have to involve pathology.
Kirsten Haney
Schools have been ground zero! Yes! I have seen the increase in acuity over the last 10 years.
Kirsten Haney
Changing from only being able to bill for IEP to all children will be huge.
Alison Hsieh
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Kirsten Haney
The issue I'm curious about is that you can only bill medical for "medically necessary" and what services you can bill - its doesn't cover programs that are not individual or group therapy. That is the missing link.
Kirsten Haney
Family therapy billed with no diagnosis! wow
Oakland Unified District
Also non-IEP billing still required a treatment plans to identify that medical necessity with required orders, referrals and prescriptions
Alison Hsieh
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Kirsten Haney
Kaiser has stopped all grant funding due to corona virus. That was a huge funding stream here in CA.
Tony Thurmond
Yes.. please claim existing LCFF dollars without moving them
Tony Thurmond
HCSA and DSS will be a part of our hearing regarding maximizing funding
Kirsten Haney
Family and Children's Services would like to participate
Kirsten Haney
IMO a lot of new teachers are wholly unprepared for what they experience on campus. Teachers will burn out quickly because they dont have the tools to deal with the trauma of the students and their own vicarious trauma
Kirsten Haney
Wellness Coaching for teachers!
Alex Briscoe
Critical to re emphasize here with all this MediCal talk some of the critical things shawn/kayla/soccoro are saying about systems change, and the relationship centered culture of healing centered schools---while yes there are technical fixes and potenetial revenue strategies, without the paradigm shift highlighted here it won't be sufficient or just.
Kirsten Haney
Wellness coaching = blending professional development (knowledge of de-escalation, non violent communication, etc) with personal development and looking at your own internal biases!
Alison Hsieh
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