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WEBINAR: Earl Campbell: Yards After Contact - Shared screen with gallery view
Texas Library Association TLA
Everyone, please feel free to chat questions to us
Cedar Hill
Do you know if his boyhood home in Tyler is still there?
Marilyn Goff
I recall doctors in Houston in the 1960's still asking mothers (white, black) to name their children after themselves, in gratitude for the child surviving a difficult pregnancy (and doctor's ego, perhaps). We have always loved Earl the Pearl in Houston
Texas Library Association TLA
We have time for a few more questions if anyone wants to chat some in...
Marilyn Goff
I am glad he is horrified by the racism. At 68, my white family did our best to help blacks overcome those obstacles. Women still have the problem. I saw Earl practice at the Oilers center on Fannin Drive; he was always nice to kids who spoke to him (I never did) because women were not supposed to be that bold in old day Texas.
Marilyn Goff
Many thanks! Will get the book!