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RSL Meeting - 10/8/20 - Shared screen with gallery view
Francis O'Hara~ (he, him his ) ~ CT. USA
Please mute at this time if your not John S.
John Sorensen - Truckee, CA
Questions:1. Do we have choices in our use of fossil fuels, primarily petroleum and coal?2. Is it already too late to make the changes?3. Can we afford to do nothing? Qualitatively, what would the economic, public health, and national security costs be if we do nothing?
Rebeca Barrans
What does one say to the argument that there is a disposal issue with electric automobiles I.e. what happens to the used batteries?
Todd Weber, San Jose CA
We are really still early in learning the life-cycle of Lithium batteries - the most common type of battery today. As it turns out the “new” batteries “wear” down in their ability to quickly charge to high capacity - the really good news is that as batteries age out of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) their next use is to go into banks of power energy storage (charging by solar and wind) and so they get many more years of life in their 2nd life… and currently there is massive research and innovation into maximum reusability of the batteries at the end of their life-cycle - with targets to see if/how/when can we recycle 85+% of the battery insides/materials for further reuse.
Todd Weber, San Jose CA
Does that help/explain adequately Rebeca?
Roberta Gurney
Thank you for this information.
Ken Winter, Auburn CA
Though some points of Michael Moore's "Planet of the Humans" are overblown, he makes a pretty undisputable point--that we have too many people using too many of the earth's resources. And the offered "solutions" carry significant costs. Still worth doing.
Rebeca Barrans
Good news. Glad to hear that something can be done with the expired batteries. Gracias
Todd Weber, San Jose CA
Anyone have other technology questions I can try to answer?
Crystal Gloistein (EAN)
Melissa Ribner
What about the extraction of resources to produce the batteries?
John Sorensen - Truckee, CA
Questions:1. What is holding us (collectively) back from making the needed changes?2. What can you do personally? What can you do for your community?3. Who are we doing this for?
Crystal Gloistein (EAN)
I will post a link to the recording and Bill’s slides on the RSL webpage here:
Crystal Gloistein (EAN)
Crystal Gloistein (EAN)
Scratch the previous link I sent…I will post the recording and slides here:
Crystal Gloistein (EAN)
Todd Weber, San Jose CA
If you have technical questions you can email me and I’ll try to answer at <toddnLiL@mac.com>
Maxine Lobel
Thank you Bill! I hope to take the Climate Reality Course. Excellent presentation.