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Central Marin NRGs Timely Topics - Preparing for 2020 Fire Season - Shared screen with speaker view
Ginger Kenney
please confirm-- with recycle bins etc. are you talking about the 5' limit or the 30' limit?
Judy Erdberg
are all plants under eaves dangerous or just conifers
Kent's iPad
are wood decks adjacent to the house with no open space underneath ok?
Ginger Kenney
If a mature redwood tree is within 5' of the house, should it be removed?
Will this recording be shared with us? I missed the first 30 minutes
Brenda Brown
How dangerous are barbecues with propane tanks attached when they’re approx 5 feet from the house?
Suzi Beatie
how can we get nurseries -home Dept etc - to stop selling juniper and such .
Todd Lando
Wood decks that are enclosed underneath are better, as long as there are no combustibles (even leaf litter) beneath.
What do you tell a neighbor who has just purchased and installed gorilla bark?
Twin Cities NRGProgram
This session is being recorded and will be made available to your NRG Leader
Brenda Brown
Will Ruben and investigators who are planning abatement-work within 10 feet of roadway talk to the homeowners ahead of time?
How do we educate landscapers and gardeners about plant and mulch selection?
Todd Lando
Mature redwoods near the house are putting the house at risk. They drop needle litter, and fire will climb the bark during a fire. That said, they also provide shade and tend to grow in high moisture areas. You are not typically REQUIRED to remove a mature tree, but ought to consult with the fire department and an arborist to decide whether to keep it.
Todd Lando
If your neighbor just installed gorilla hair, they probably didn’t know it was a threat. They need to review FIRESafe MARIN materials on mulch, and ease them into understanding the risk. Remember that they may be resistant - they just spent their hard earned money to install something that puts them at risk. The FD can help them understand the risk, and they may be required to remove it within 30’ of the structure as it may be a violation of the fire code.
Todd Lando
Yes - neighbors will receive notice in advance of roadside vegetation work conducted by the fire department (or the new MWPA wildfire Prevention Authority).
Please address fire prevention issues in public easements, Who is responsible?
Lee Howard
Will you coordinate evac route design with NRGs?
Ginger Kenney
What about Scotch broom in proximity to evacuation routes? We have an NRG whose PRIMARY evacuation route has abundant scotch broom growing less than twenty feet from the roadway, with trees on the other side of the road. Shouldn't it be a high priority to remove this invasive fire hazard?
Rob Goldman
How can we see what the CAL FIRE / Firesafe Marin planned work is for 2020? Are the plans available?
Rob Goldman
What is being done to enforce existing ordinances?
In order to file for FireSafe certification, areas must supply vegetation management data as part of their application. Is there a universal form on which to report this data? Most communities at the moment are designing their own forms to report to their associations.
James Thorpe
When should we expect these evaluators at our residence?
Todd Lando
Public easements - an easement is the responsibility of the property owner, unless the easement has another legal agreement for maintenance attached to it. You may be referring to public “right-of-way” - this is the area adjacent to public roads. That space, often within 10’ of the road, are the responsibility of the neighboring property owner
Todd Lando
As Ruben is describing, the public right of way does not belong to, and is not “owned” by the town. Vegetation or other hazards there must be corrected by the nearest property owner.
Todd Lando
The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority os preparing its 2020 work plan now (the election was only certified 3 weeks ago, and the board of directors will hold its first meeting May 21. The plan will be widely published, at FIRESafe MARIN and the mwpa website - marinwildfire.org
Ginger Kenney
Todd, a follow-up: So, if the scotch broom is on private property but jeopardizes the evacuation of 85 homeowners uphill of them, how will you enforce the clearing of that hazard?
Todd Lando
If the broom is a violation of the fire code, the fire department may be able to enforce the code or abate the hazard
Ginger Kenney
what determines if it is in violation of the fire code? Sorry to persist in this, but there is an entire NRG at risk with this growth, and we need to prioritize its removal.
who is managing the fire hazards in the open space next to Madrone Canyon?
Rob Goldman
Please describe what is being done to identify and enforce ordinance violations.
Areas of open space where goats have eaten the grass in the last few weeks have had the grass grow back. What now?
Ginger Kenney
Is anyone looking at parking on narrow streets, in case of emergency? Some streets, such as Buena Vista or Oakdale in Corte Madera, are barely one lane wide when people park on both sides. Other streets, such as Sausalito in Corte Madera, where parking is limited to one side, allow two cars to pass. In case of emergency (or red flag alert), is any consideration being paid as to whether to allow parking on only one side on more streets?
Ginger Kenney
Worried about fire truck coming up while we're coming down
Ginger Kenney
You just designate one side for parking
I received video 2 narrated by L
narrated by Todd Lando - an excellent video. To whom was that sent? A friend of mine in Terra Linda did not receive it.
Judy Erdberg
can neighbors still arrange visit and walkthrough from Fire Marshall