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Narnia Nights - Shared screen with speaker view
Pastor Bill Middleton (he/him/his)
Welcome to Narnia Nights!No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here at Boehm’s United Church of Christ.By joining us via video/audio, you are agreeing to appear in the recording of this program, which will be shared. If you don't want your image or voice (or the voice and image of your child) to be on this recording, please keep your video and microphone off. You can adjust your audio and video settings using the controls within your Zoom.Missed a night? Or two? Recordings of the prior readings, as well as other events and activities, are available at BoehmsChurch.com.We will default to muting all participants during most of the reading to simplify the recordings and minimize distortions.Permission for these live-stream readings of the copyrighted Narnia books are granted by Harper Collins Publishers. All rights reserved.