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Pivoting Your Business: Navigating the New Normal - Shared screen with speaker view
Herb Ritter
Great group of panelists!! So proud to have you part of our city. Any ONE (1) thing the City, PDA or Chamber could do to help your business Segment over the next 2-3 month?
Robin Fahr
The Pleasanton signs are so helpful! One can see them from a distance. That was a great idea!
Gina Channell
Pleasanton Weekly is offering deeply discounted marketing options such as matching programs and BOGO. #we’re in this together
Darshana Purohit
Can the City or the Chamber put together a list of businesses that are interested in partnering with others?
Xia Lin
Can we do a survey and find out how much in total our small business owners spend on fixed expenses like rents?
Darshana Purohit
Inklings and Gene's partnership with us - Wine & Design has been very helpful
Sofia Moskalenko
Good idea for hair stylists - call your clientele and reschedule the appointments so you’re ready when you open!
Xia Lin
I can help purchase qualified masks...