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ARISE Parish Support Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Dan...I hope that I am on with you!
Jessica Walters
What characteristics would you recommend we look for in inviting parishioners to be part of a taskforce? Eg. idea person vs worker, enages vs on the fringe? Combos?
Lori Rawski St Jude
I agree getting millennials involved is great.... But how to reach them???
Gina M.
Dan! Thank you for your overflowing generosity and your example at all times. We are SO blessed to have your support. What a great gift CLI has been to us!!!
Diane Pealer
So much of this is going to rely on accessing technology from Zoom meetings, to video Mass, on-line Mass registrations etc. I worry that our seniors are going to be left behind - how do we provide for them?