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SmileSnap Virtual Engagement Series - Shared screen with speaker view
David Younts
Hi everyone. This is Dave with SmileSnap. I’m pretty passionate about UI/UX, digital strategy and marketing, Glad to see you all on here!
Rifeng Axtens
Hello, how do you quote in virtual consultations without all the data and before getting the treatment plan from Invisalign? Whether it's a lite case etc?
David Younts
Hi Rifeng. Great question. We’re going to give this to Leon to answer during a pause.
David Younts
One of my favorite free tools for helping you with analyze your website is https://unbounce.com/landing-page-analyzer/. They have a bot that does a free analysis and section 3 tells you all about your Call to Actions and where you can improve your conversions through minor design tweaks.
Angela Reeder
Yes, as a premiere orthodontist, if people are only interested in price we will lose to the general dentist or Smile Direct everytime. Without explaining/showing them how we are different and WHY you need a specialist consumers don't see the value in the cost difference.
Carmen Marie
Love to hear that! Tell us the tips and tricks you might have for getting engagement up on these! We’ve got a lot of them to share!
Carmen Marie
@Jana Send an email to katie@smilesnap.com to schedule a 45 minute onboarding session :) We will also send you our onboarding video
David Younts
Regarding the pricing, I know that there are differing opinions on when to share pricing info. Increasingly, consumers today want to know price up front. They see this as a transparent transaction. They’re providing you their personal info and being very transparent about their health history and needs. Some can be turned off when the transparency isn’t reciprocated.
David Younts
If a lead’s #1 buying decision is price, then providing them the pricing disclosure upfront educates them and allows them to make their decision before they take up any of your chair time in office.
David Younts
Additionally, they discuss the price with their spouse or significant other prior to the in-office meeting versus leaving the in-office consult and saying “I’ll need to discuss this with my partner”
Angela Reeder
@David I completely agree but how do you justify the sometimes $2k plus price difference?
Angela Reeder
We all have a certificate that says we can straighten their teeth. They don't know the difference.
Angela Reeder
Anyone have a testimony on this topic?
Angela Reeder
Those of you using the virtual consults, are you quoting them the price and how is that working?
Carmen Marie
@Stephen Great to hear! Do you need anything or have any questions about getting started? We have team ready to support you if needed!