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Mentorship Monday - Shared screen with speaker view
Dominique Samario, City of Murrieta
Brene Brown has excellent books on this very topic :)
Do you recommend for everyone to have a linked in profile?
Heather Sumagaysay
Hi @jcuchilla. It's a great tool that you can leverage as a part of your personal brand. It provides a lot of opportunities to show your talents, expertise and a feed where you can share articles that speak to you or project you've been part of
Amy Orr
Feel free to click the "raise hand" feature in the reactions button to ask the panel your questions! Or type them here in the chat.
Dominique Samario, City of Murrieta
I agree @jcuchilla. It's also a way to show you are engaged and not "out of the loop" on professional resources. As someone who works in communication, the platform is a great way to highlight that you know how to engage with others in a professional manner.
Simon Oh
I feel like I’m underutilizing LinkedIn. I’ll figure it out not before long.
Melissa Valdez
Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences, resources, and tips. It was very insightful. Best wishes!
Jenna Brinkman, Cosumnes CSD
Thanks for a worthwhile hour!!
Darrin Peschka, VCTC
Thank you, all, for taking the time to present this webinar today! Such wonderful and useful advice from each of you.