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George Fotion
linear minded Fotion here …. how you doing with ReValuate? How did you determine WHICH contacts to give them
Harry Moore
Can you tell me about getting linkedin contacts into FUB/Ylopo
Edward Rivera
Is there a way to check if anyone I've imported into remarketing has registered on my search site?
Peter Joehnk
Please, Please, Please I’m despite to be able to send push listings for SOLD properties as comps. I am still paying for my RealGeeks CRM and website solely for this reason. Please 🙏. I’m willing to bride you...
Todd McElroy
Barry, I closed on my brokerage purchase last week and started the transition of my Ylopo account from my personal business page to the brokerage page yesterday. Anything I should be aware of or should do to maximize this transition?
Carol Klein
I'm going live on Monday. I'm still unclear on if my account is fully set up and how everything will work come Monday. Is there an account rep. that I can speak with directly to make sure I am ready for Monday?
Pam Ylopo
got it
Pam Ylopo
got it :)
Sep Ebrahimi
BTW, like the new hair style!
Pam Ylopo
thank u Laura
Sharon Glatz Scott
I know … Laura’s hair looks darling!