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Nonprofit Leaders Call with Congressman Clyburn - Shared screen with speaker view
Robert Smith
Are we all on mute?
Madeleine McGee
Someone appears to not be muted
Madeleine (Together SC)
Q for Rep. Clyburn Staff - Is there the need for and opportunity to designate funding exclusively for nonprofits?
Robert Smith
Thank you Congressman Clyburn for taking the time to meet with us!Q; for Congressman Clyburn and Staff: Is there any consideration for relief for self-funded nonprofits by increasing the Federal Unemployment insurance reimbursement for self-funded nonprofits 100% of the costs?
Madeleine McGee
youre on mute
Madeleine McGee
Thanks Anna great points!
Beth Johnson
Q- There are important mid-size charities like the American Cancer Society which have no access to forgivable relief. While stabilization loans are available, they are not forgivable like the SBA loans are for small employers and charities. The American Cancer Society in SC provides housing for cancer patients, rides to treatment for patients, free wigs and patient navigation, and millions of dollars in research to SC researchers. Will you earmark money to support nonprofits with more than 500 employees?
Christina Thomas
Question: What is being proposed to support nonprofits of all sizes in the next stimulus as they support a growing number of vulnerable populations? The American Red Cross has been helping with disasters in SC just his month - we provided 800 disaster health/mental health engagements, 10,200 meals, and 2,400 overnight stays in hotels across the state with 110 people in hotels still because they have nowhere to go. All this in April during COVID-19. We look forward to working with our nonprofit colleagues and your staff Congressman.
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Madeleine: Non-profits were provided access to funding in the CARES Act that was passed on March 25 and the Act expanded the cap on charitable deductions. Moving forward, the Congressman is working ensure that the benefits associated with our recovery from this crisis is accessible to all, including nonprofits providing critical services to our communities.
Robert Smith
Another Q for Congressman Clyburn and Staff; Are there any measures being considered to strengthen Charitable giving incentives to encourage all Americans to help their communities through charitable giving during these unprecedented times? Thank you!
Vince Matthews
Question to Ashleigh Wilson: Is there an opportunity to fund grassroots nonprofits to engage in community level COVID-19 relief and engagement efforts?
Chris Bishop
Q for Rep. Clyburn & Staff: Expanded broadband and wireless services are a crucial part of Nurse-Family Partnership’s ability to reach moms through telehealth. Does the Congressman hope to include broadband in an infrastructure bill? How might we help?
Robert Smith
Final question, I promise! Q; for Congressman Clyburn and Staff; Is there any targeted relief for charitable nonprofits particularly those who have been ineligible for PPP (over 500 employees) Thank you so much!
Madeleine (Together SC)
Thanks Ashleigh Wilson - We’ve heard that Congressman Danny Davis has legislation that would expand the charitable deduction - eliminating the current $300 cap. Where is Rep. Clyburn on this issue?
Madeleine McGee
Q for Congressman: Community Development Financi
Alcatel 3V
Hopewell Senior Day Care would like to install a commercial kitchen to prepare food to feed senior citizens in Williamsburg County. How can we go about getting grant funds to help defray the cost for installation purposes and who do we contact? The total cost is $20,000. This is from Dottie Evans, Administrator of Hopewell Senior Day Care.
Tom LeGrand
Thank you for all of this valuable information, and thank you to Congressman Clyburn and staff. Mr. Mazyck, there are still organizations offering completely free tax service to communities/families in need. Thank you!
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Robert Q2: The CARES Act created a new charitable deduction of up to $300 that can be claimed by all taxpayers, not just those who itemize deductions. In addition, for taxpayers who do itemize their deductions, the CARES Act eliminated the 60 percent cap on the amount that can be deducted.
Maurice Lawyer (The Legacy Foundation of SC)
SCSU PROUD - fellow Alumni
Chris Bishop
Q for Rep. Clyburn & Staff: Thank you for your support for the federal home visiting program over the years and for supporting Nurse-Family Partnership. Right now, our nurses have pivoted completely to telehealth, and our families that were already on the edge are struggling. We need more resources and flexibility within MIECHV (Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting program) to provide families the technology and items that they need. Does the Congressman believe a one-time appropriation of $100 million will be included in the next stimulus package to meet these goals?
Seth (Rep. Clyburn)
Hi Robert, thank you for your question! As you likely know, the CARES Act currently reimburses up to 50 percent for certain nonprofits that opt out of the State plan. We’ll be sure to continue to monitor conversations on raising this reimbursement as we approach the next legislative package, communication with you all on the ground will be essential as well so we can continue to monitor what is happening on the ground related to nonprofits. It is certainly Mr. Clyburn’s goal to continue to provide needed stability to nonprofits during this crisis and beyond
Tammie Hoy
CDFIs play a large role in providing access to capital. Do you see additional resources for these organizations from the CDFI Fund or Treasury? Thank you
William Robinson
As a consultant to many non-profits, I am engaged with several new start-ups that have worked hard to establish boards, adopt missions and create infrastructure. I anything available to assist new start-up non-profits at this critical moment in their development?
Jeffrey Fleming
Congressman - We at Palmetto Project thank you so much for stepping up to represent the least of these, many of whom are our friends and neighbors living in rural South Carolina. Palmetto Project has stepped in to help people apply for SC Unemployment Insurance PUA benefits that are available -- thanks to your efforts. We're hoping that SC DEW will be more responsive and actually get funds to families, some of whom have been waiting for 7 weeks.
Narendra Sharma
Q: Achievement gap is significant in SC and is tied to poverty. How can we foster a stronger partnership among public and private sectors and the community to develop innovative and creative solutions to overcome this problem?
Nkili Gause (Rep. Clyburn)
Hello Beth. While the CARES Act and the recent Interim Coronavirus Aid package is geared towards small businesses with 500 or less employees we recognize that there are many organizations with more than 500 employees who also need assistance. We will continue to keep this in mind as we prepare for the next Coronavirus Aid package. We want to ensure that funding and resources are available to all who are in need.
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Tammie: In the interim package passed by Congress last week, $30 billion was set aside for banks and credit unions with less than $10 billion in assets, as well as all CDFIs, MDIs, certified development companies, and microlenders that are Paycheck Protection Program lenders.
Maurice Lawyer (The Legacy Foundation of SC)
@ Mr. Mazyck, thank you for bringing up the disparities in broadband access. My provider ran the fiber out to our area a few years ago then killed the service because we don't have a large number of homes in our rural community. Thank God for a cellphone hotspot. Now, imagine how our Jasper County students are impacted related to distance learning.
Laura Allen
Q-1. will the EIDL emergency $10k loan portal reopen for new applications. The website states its processing current applications. 2. How can we help our clients who are waiting for stimulus checks?
Palmetto Project Shelli Quenga
Is Congress addressing treatment costs for those who are in the Medicaid coverage gap in states like ours?
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Narendra: Regarding the achievement gap, we know that quality and affordable early childcare is essential. The CARES Act included $3.5 billion for Child Care Development Block Grants to support childcare providers. $750 million of the CARES Act funding was also dedicated to Head Start programs.
Emily Horowitz (American Heart Association)
Q: Follow up to an answer from a previous question about nonprofits with 500+ employees.The American Heart Association agrees that nonprofits of all sizes are essential to the wellbeing of our communities. We have responded quickly to support our constituents by committing $2.5 million in rapid response research awards to better understand COVID-19 and its interaction with heart and brain systems. AHA has also developed the first COVID-focused registry to aggregate data and aid research on the disease, treatment protocols and risk factors tied to adverse cardiovascular outcomes.As additional COVID-19 legislation is considered, what measures are being considered to support mid-sized nonprofits (500 to 10,000 employees)? We urge Rep. Clyburn to support nonprofits by designating express authorization for nonprofits with the mid-size loan stabilization fund/Main Street Lending created by the CARES Act and add loan forgiveness terms similar to PPP. We stand ready to work with you!
Madeleine (Together SC)
Clyburn staff - you are wonderful to answer our questions. Thank you so much.
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
Hi everyone: In order for us to get as many questions answered as possible, will you keep you questions as brief as possible? THANK YOU! -Team Clyburn
Crystal Campbell
Q for Rep. Clyburn and Staff, I received a report this morning that shared that many child care facilities will not be opening back up. We already were in a child care desert in my area-Dorchester. How can you all help our mom and pop child care centers from closing? I appreciate your time. The CARES funding ran out before many of our child care facilities could even apply.
Garcia Williams
How can a non-profit who provides resources to our community assist in supporting the communities with the greatest need to ensure that as testing becomes available we can be fully engaged?
Madeleine (Together SC)
Maurice Lawyer - thank you for sharing the impact of not having broadband in rural Hampton County.
Seth (Rep. Clyburn)
Regarding broadband: Expanding access to broadband has been a major priority for Mr. Clyburn. Almost a year ago, he formed the House Rural Broadband Task Force to craft legislation to bring affordable and accessible internet to all Americans. This includes $80 billion for the expansion of infrastructure to rural areas, as well as over $1 billion to address adoption efforts among the states.
Seth (Rep. Clyburn)
Broadband cont: in the next package, we’ve also been advocating for funding to expand telehealth, help close the homework gap through hotspot lending, and increase payment assistance for low-income Americans
Mamie Nicholson
Regarding PPP funds to grassroots nonprofits who have no formal banking relationships, how can they gain access to PPP funds? Can you share information on the process for them to apply?
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Garcia: Our office is engaging with rural health care providers and state government to ensure that testing is accessible to rural areas and that we have the equipment needed to keep healthcare workers safe.
Sara Fawcett
Broadband access is one of the biggest keys to success for this state. And if we don't have it, it will be the biggest stumbling block for the state.
Garcia Williams
So is DHEC that resource that we may reach out to inquire further to support and provide assistance?
Palmetto Project Shelli Quenga
For children to access schools, for their parents to apply for unemployment benefits, for seniors to apply for SNAP -- we must have broadband.
Beth Johnson
Cooperative Health/Eau Claire is a blessing to our state.
Maurice Lawyer (The Legacy Foundation of SC)
@ Seth - yes, the Act passed during the Obama Admin is how are got the services the first time. BUT, our provider has sense canceled the access for many of us in Jasper & Hampton counties, that live outside of town limits and out in rural areas. .
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Mamie: Additional funding has been provided to support the Paycheck Protection Program and some of this funding has specifically been set aside for lending by credit unions and smaller community institutions. I would consider working with a smaller local bank if one is available. The SBA website is the best place to look for application specifics.
Nkili Gause (Rep. Clyburn)
A to Crystal: We recognize that affordable and quality child care will be essential to rebuilding the economy. The recent Coronavirus Relief Aid package designated a total of $60 billion of PPP funding to be set aside for smaller lenders, including state and federal credit unions and those serving communities where relationships with more established financial institutions that dominate the SBA program are scarce. We recognize that additional funding is needed for child care providers to ensure that youth have a safe place to go when their parents return to work.
Amy Connor - NHFHS
Representative Clyburn, New Horizon Family Health Services in Greenville appreciates your support of Community Health Centers! Thank you.
Anna Lewin, SCCLF
A to Mamie: Try to reach out to Community Works. They are a CDFI and are processing PPP applications.
Beth Johnson
The American Cancer Society appreciates your leadership and support!
Dodi Hodges
We provide tutoring, we don't have enough resources to meet the needs we have been approached to give. We assume the need will be greater as we come out of our homes. I know we are low on the totem pole. How do we help our education programs?
Dodi Hodges
We appreciate what you do!
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Crystal Cambell: I believe my boss will be addressing child care in one of the questions he will respond to shortly. :) Please tell your dad I said hi.
Cindy Johnson
Camp Happy Days thanks you Congressman Clyburn for your support! We were able to secure funding from the last stimulus package and we appreciate it so much.
Madeleine (Together SC)
For those seeking individual funding, please email Madeleine@TogetherSC.org.
Dodi Hodges
Expanding Medicaid under a different name if needed is an excellent idea! I hope that happens!!1
Tammie Hoy
@Mamie this is Tammie at CommunityWorks give us a call at 864.235.6331 about PPP
Beth Johnson
Close the Gap SC... was an attempt to expand Medicaid in SC.
Deena Hilton
Thank you so much for your support! HopeHealth has been able to test 175 people through our mobile testing, and we have also ramped up our telehealth. We completed over 1300 telehealth visits last week alone! All of this is due in large part to your support.
Seth (Rep. Clyburn)
Quick note: lots of question overlap so if the content of your question hasn’t been answered already just repost and we’ll get to it!
Palmetto Project Shelli Quenga
We need access to telehealth to continue even after the pandemic. Medicaid reimbursement for FQHCs for telehealth must continue.
Naomi Lett
Thank you Congressman for all of your hard work!
Christina Thomas
Thank you for setting up this call, and for allowing for Q and A time. I hope more are forthcoming and the CBC will focus on Nonprofits for their next townhall as well. Christina Thomas, American Red Cross
Andrew Boozer (Senior Resources)
How can we help Congressman Clyburn track the speed and use of $750 million of senior assistance dollars from the Familes Frist and CARES Act? These funds are not reaching communities in South Carolina.
Palmetto Project Shelli Quenga
Thank you, Congressman. It is abhorrent that US citizens cannot receive the stimulus payment if married to a legal resident w/o SSN.
Heather Witt
United Way of the Piedmont created a special fund with our partners at PASOS to help those neighbors in our community that have ITIN's and did not receive stimulus resources. It is part of our United For All Fund.
Katherine Turner
Thankful for Congressman Clyburn and his leadership and his community oriented staff! Thank you for all that you do for South Carolina!
Susan DeVenny
Thank you Congressman, for all you do! We look forward to helping you continue to fight for all SC residents!
Patsy Whitney
Congressman Clyburn, Thank you for advocating for South Carolinians. One aspect that seems to need more attention is the healthcare provided by South Carolina free clinics for the low-income uninsured population.
Seth (Rep. Clyburn)
I see a few on Medicaid Gap: As Mr. Clyburn said, he is certainly supportive of the state expanding medicaid. During the development of the CARES Act, he also endorsed the idea of expanding the reimbursement to 100 percent to provide further incentives. In terms of federal response, we are fighting for the expansion of health care facilities that serve underrepresented communities such as community health centers
Deloris Young
Thank you Congressman Clyburn for your great leadership for the state of South Carolina
Yolanda McCray
Thank you Congressman Clyburn - Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties appreciates everything you do!!!!!
Kabrina Bass, Midlands Mediation Center
Thank you Congressman Clyburn, his staff, TogetherSC, and all the other agencies presenting. It was informative.
Joel Larson
Congressman Clyburn, Please know the YMCA greatly appreciates your leadership and support--thank you!
William Robinson
As ALWAYS, thank you, Sir!
Deloris Young
Thank you Together SC and Coastal Community Foundation
Brenda Goodman
Thank you Mr. Clyburn for your Leadership, your greatly appreciated.
Naomi Lett
We would love for the Congressman to support Congressman Danny Davis’ bill to expand the charitable deduction to help us all continue the work we do.
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
A to Andrew Boozer: Thanks for bringing the issues re. distribution of funding for senior assistance to my attention. I had not heard of this being an issue.
Robin Harriford
Thank you so much, Congressman Clyburn, for your time and for your advocacy for ALL people.
Emily Horowitz (American Heart Association)
Thank you Congressman! - American Heart Assoiation
David (National Council of Nonprofits)
Thank you Whip Clyburn for leading the fight to repeal the tax on nonprofit transportation benefits - like church parking and bus passes.
Seth (Rep. Clyburn)
Regarding community health centers and rural health clinics: Congressman Clyburn’s completely agrees with you that these facilities are essential. We were thrilled to see emergency funding provided in the last two packages, and will continue to advocate for this
Cindy Johnson
Camp Happy Days wants to make sure that you and others know that families who have a child battling cancer are especially at risk during this crisis with COViD-19, not only because of their vulnerable health, but because of the additional financial burden on their families who lack health insurance, child care, support from others who normally could help but can't because of self isolation and the loss of income. They struggle daily to put food on the table, to have gas to take their child back and forth to the hospital for treatments and now they lack income from work. We must be able to help families like ours for whom a stimulus check and unemployment check wont even help them through a month much less 4 or 5 months.
Brenda Green
Thank you, Congressman & Staff! - The B Strong Group, Columbia, SC
Seth (Rep. Clyburn)
Mr. Clyburn also has a bill to expand funding to ensure Community Health Centers are well funded after this crisis
Nancy Lee - SC Habitat for Humanity
Q: Representative Clyburn, thank you for your time. How is South Carolina is ensuring that affordable home ownership remains available to low-income families and households? Is mortgage relief and foreclosure avoidance (in addition to rental assistance) a priority across our state to make sure families can remain in their homes, despite job loss?
Maurice Lawyer (The Legacy Foundation of SC)
I THINK, there needs to be an oversight committee and laws written into future Bills that clearly state the funds show start from the bottom up and address the needs of the least of us, first.
Amy Asper
Thank you to Congressman Clyburn and his staff for joining TogetherSC for this call. It was very informative. Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired SC
Tammie Hoy
Thanks Congressman from CommunityWorks
Tanika Epps
Thank you Congressman Clyburn for your continued support and leadership - Communities In Schools of the Midlands
Christina Thomas
Congressman Clyburn - you have a wonderful staff that has been working with us. The American Red Cross looks forward to working with them to share our thoughts on the next stimulus and ways we can help nonprofits of all sizes so they can support communities in need.
Jennifer Winston
Thank you Congressman Clyburn, Communities In Schools Charleston, Im a Site Coordinator/Student Support Specialist at North Charleston Elementary School.
Laura Allen
Congressman Clyburn and staff - Thank you from the children and families served by Children's Cancer Partners of the Carolinas. These precious superheroes were so vulnerable before COVID-19 and even more so now. Thank you for your support of the SC nonprofits!
Kyle Greene
Thank you Congressman Clyburn for everything you do for our state. Dr. Emily is smiling down
Kathleen Cates
thanks Congressman Clyburn from Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg
Emily Horowitz (American Heart Association)
In addition to expanding the Universal Charitable Deduction, as others have mentioned, the Legacy IRA Act would also incentivize charitable giving from middle-income seniors and benefit nonprofits.
Susan McLarty
Thank you Congressman Clyburn and staff from the Greenville Homeless Alliance!
Kristin Garner - Teach For America South Carolina
Congressman, Thank you from Teach For America South Carolina. We are committed to preparing teachers for virtual classrooms to ensure equitable access. Statewide broadband is a must. Great work.
Dodi Hodges
Increase the ability to get tax deductions for giving to charities. Folks that want to give and are not super wealthy, but have smaller amounts to give $10000 or less, feel they can't
chloe tonney
Thank you, Congressman Clyburn, for your support of S.C., Trident United Way and your excellent record on access and equity! Chloe Tonney, CEO, Trident United Way
Shayne Kinloch (Together SC) - Program & Operations Manager
Huge gratitude goes out to the Honorable Congressman Clyburn for his servant leadership and to his hardworking, collaborative-minded staff. We appreciate your attention to, and solidarity with, our sectors. Our duty to serve could not advance without your support. Please let us know if/how we can serve alongside you.
Leesa Aiken
Congressman Clyburn and staff - thank you for your partnership with libraries! We are working on the broadband issue as well. Take care all.
Angela Connor
Congressman Clyburn, Fairfield County Council on Aging in Winnsboro, SC appreciates your leadership and support. Thank you!
Schrendria Robinson
Thank you Congressman Clyburn for all that you do. We appreciate you.
Terrence Cheatham
Thank You Congress Clyburn! -The Jo-Nathan Foundation (Investing in the Lives of Young People through Education, Experiences, and Exposure!
Ann Warner, WREN
Thank you so much for your leadership and commitment to justice and equity, Congressman. And thank you to your terrific staff for fielding all the questions.
Anna Lewin, SCCLF
Congressman, thank you from SC Community Loan Fund for your leadership and all that you do for the state and the country. Specifically, thank you for your support of CDFIs over the years!
Jannie Harriot
Thanks to Congressman Clyburn for every thing you do for the citizens of SC
Forrest Alton
Thank you, Congressman. What a great opportunity for all of us to hear directly from you. We are so very fortunate to have your continued leadership.
Robert Smith
Congressman Clyburn and Staff, thank you so much for your time, energy and talents!
Lynn Stockman
Thanks from South Carolina Association of Council on Aging Directors for your support of the senior population.
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
If we didn't get to your question, please pass it along to the Together SC folks and they will share them with our office. Thanks for having us! -Team Clyburn
Garcia Williams
Congressman, Thank you for your service and continued support.
Mark Sobiski
congressman Clyburn and staff, your leadership and consistant support of community health centers is much appreciated,
Madeleine (Together SC)
As South Carolina’s network of nonprofit leaders and their allies, Together SC wishes to express our sincere appreciation for all you and your staff did to ensure the passage of the “Stop the Tax Hike on Charities and Places of Worship Act.”How proud it made us to read in a recent McClatchy article:“Once it became clear what was happening, nonprofits and their congressional allies mobilized. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, led an effort to repeal the tax.”How grateful we are that this includes the full and retroactive repeal of the UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax) on parking and transportation benefits that nonprofit organizations provide to their employees. Your legislation provided a real solution by repealing a tax that never should have been levied.
Andrew Boozer (Senior Resources)
Thank you Congressman and staff, Senior Resources appreciates your attention to the needs of seniors. We look forward to working with you.
Terri Jowers
Thank you Congressman & your wonderful staff!Stay well.
Alana Jordan, Justice 360
Congressman, thank you from Justice 360.
Maurice Lawyer (The Legacy Foundation of SC)
Thank you my fellow SCSU Alumni, Together SC, and Coastal Community Foundation, and to all of nonprofit Allies.
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
If we didn't get to your question, please pass it along to the Together SC folks and they will share them with our office. Thanks for having us! -Team Clyburn
Nancy Lee - SC Habitat for Humanity
Thank you, Congressman, from 30 Habitat for Humanity affiliates across South Carolina. And our appreciation extends to our NPO leaders who brought these leaders together today!
Maurice Lawyer (The Legacy Foundation of SC)
Once again, Chynna nails it...
Tom LeGrand
Congressman Clyburn and Together SC: Thank you so much from Impact America Carolinas.
Dodi Hodges
Rock on Chynna! Thank you everyone!
Ann Timberlake
Thank you Congressman for speaking so eloquently for all of us and the least of us
Nkili Gause (Rep. Clyburn)
If we didn't get to your question, please pass it along to the Together SC folks and they will share them with our office. Thanks for having us! -Team Clyburn
Dom Francis
all of the speakers and the facilitator were wonderful.
Dom Francis
Thank you all!
Crystal Campbell
Deena Hilton
Will there be a transcript of this call made available?
Shayne Kinloch (Together SC) - Program & Operations Manager
Great close, Chynna. We appreciate your intense passion and commitment to bring forward all you encounter.
Tammie Hoy
Debora Lloyd
Thank you, Congressman and NPO's for all you do!
Donny Supplee
Sadly, Governor West's son was one of the first to die in Kershaw County of COVID 19. Jack West an incredible community servant!
Schrendria Robinson
Beautiful closing remarks Chynna! Thank you.
Lisa Lane (Project HOPE Foundation)
Thank you, Congressman, for this opportunity!
Debbie Nelson
Thank you Chynna!!!
Anna Lewin, SCCLF
Team Clyburn, let us know how we can help on the housing issues in the next round.
Nkili Gause (Rep. Clyburn)
If we didn't get to your question, please pass it along to the Together SC folks and they will share them with our office. Thanks for having us! -Team Clyburn
Shekinah Miller
Thank You!
Ashleigh Wilson (Rep. Clyburn's Office)
Thanks everyone for joining!
Alecia Klauk
Thank you!