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AASA What Works: Reimagining Sports - Shared screen with speaker view
Brandon Frayne
Hello I am Brandon from Hamburg,NY a Alumni assistant coach at the high school that I graduated from as well with a Student Board member of Boys on the right track and planning on starting a Local nonprofit in a couple years basketball sportsmanship
Tech Support-Tracy
Dave Ridpath
Brandon Frayne
How can the Volunteer Coaches make sure that the athletes use social distancing and stay safe that's the biggest struggle that is coming to my mind and the parents will probably go to the coaches first not organization
Valerie Truesdale
Helping kids find a family...Jeff Moorhouse
J.P. Goldman
Q: The Nat'l Federation of High Schools today issued a study about aerosol spread of the coronavirus that they are using to push the resumption of school performing arts and non-contact sports sooner than later. Anything you're familiar with and are you feeling a greater push from HS athletes and their parents even more so than other segments of the school community to resume in-person school operations?
Brandon Frayne
Is there ways to elimate the Scholarships and wait until they get to the college then offer it then to help with struggling costs some scholarships are given and not even go on and do anything with athletes and if they do only one year
Stephen Young
Too often the out-of-school sports organizations will demand that kids who play in their program cannot play for their high school team. We need to break that cycle and provide choices for kids.
Valerie Truesdale
Absolute truth, Jeff. Thank you for all of your insights and obvious commitment to kids.
jeff moorhouse
here is the link
Matthew Kaplan
Have you made additional investments in programming to provide additional media/livestreaming of events. More HUDL cameras for teams or to view remotely by friends and family. It seems like this is pretty common with basketball and football, but what about other sports like tennis.
jeff moorhouse
http://www.k12k.com/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=261305 Band Link
Valerie Truesdale
Give yourselves a gift: watch this amazing band performance from Jeff's district. With 350 kids in performing band, they are the largest band in the state of Tenn. This synchronized performance in a pandemic is worth your time. http://www.k12k.com/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=261305
Stephen Young
Thank you. This was great.