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EDD - Chamber Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
My issue is that my job has not paid me in 3 months, but I'm still working for them, just not getting paid. I was told a few weeks ago to apply for unemployment, but how will that work if they eventually pay me?
my daughter filed for unemployment on March 17 and has never received anything. she said she did speak to someone this week, but how can we verify what is going to happen and what she will get and if she will get that back unemployment?
I applied for unemployment back in March - A month later I received a letter from EDD and they had assigned me a control # with no other information. I was able to miraculously get a hold of some one from EDD and they told me there was some issues with identity. I sent all the necessary information requested and was told I would hear something back in about 10 days after sending my necessary info. It has been over 6 weeks and I have not received any ruling from EDD regarding my situation. I am at a total loss. Any guidance is much appreciated
I had issues with my identity I guess when I applied for unemployment. I received a control number. I returned all necessary information once appropriate form was sent to me. It has been over 6 weeks and I have received no correspondence and
Jim Thor
Is this being recorded? I joined late
RE:The 4800 jobs being offered , will these be temporary?
Ty Jamieson
I never received my EDD account number. So I cannot go online and I have tried calling but no luck.
Patrice Mills CPA
The number 6 questions on how much did you make during a time period, how is that figured for a self employed person? Do you deduct expenses?
Patrice Mills CPA
Please ask again about question number 6 and deducting expenses. He did not answer that.
Feili Lee
I exhausted my UI in Feb 2029, and the PEUC didn’t automatically file. After thousands of calls, I got 13 weeks approval on UI, but was never be able to file any claim to received benefits.
Feili Lee
Feb 2020
Feili Lee
There seems to be mid-link between UI and the actual filing.
Ty Jamieson
I cannot log in on to UI website without EDD Account number. How can I get it ? I have tried calling and cannot get through.
So back to the 4800 jobs, if applied and awarded the job, UI benefits would stop, Yess? Then at then end of the temporary job, is going back to UI still an option at a later date?
This is so informative, has this been recorded so I my forward to those who have missed this very important information? Thank you.
Patrice Mills CPA
Whoever decided to put this together, THANK YOU!
Jim Thor
Thank you Heather- I joined in late.
Candice Burroughs
Thank you Sharon and Assemblyman Brough for organizing!