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Virtual Business Forum: The science behind COVID-19 as we prepare to open up business - Shared screen with speaker view
Barbara Jean Garza
Thank you so much for joining us today! Please feel free to share any questions in the chat!
Sara Walker
I've heard different reports whether people who have been diagnosed with COVID 19 are immune afterwards or not. What would be the reasoning behind *not* being immune?
Barbara Jean Garza
Thanks Sara!
Sara Walker
Thank you!
Barbara Jean Garza
Please feel free to share any questions in the chat!
Sara Walker
With businesses opening more to the public (and we can't force everyone to wash their hands), what can we do with the more interactive parts of the environment - like service countertops, door handles, pens?
Bobby Calvillo
please share ideas for rewards to keep it top of mind.
Felipe Salinas
I read an opinion piece by a researcher at the Hoover Institute at Stanford arguing that all the social distancing and other measures are preventing "herd immunity" from taking place, which he argued helps to promote immunity for flu viruses. What are your thoughts about herd immunity vs. social distancing and a cautious measured approach to reopening of businesses.
Felipe Salinas
To your point of "allowing more less at-risk people to get sick", yes - that was the point he was making. Let more of those less vulnerable people to get sick and, therefore, promote herd immunity.
marisela gonzalez
Do you recommend having a Pulse Oximeter and a temp. reader in offices?