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Update from DCH and the Mayor's Office - Shared screen with speaker view
tina turley
Will you put the city back in quarantine if needed to halt the spread of this virus?
Michele Coley
Can you give more specific numbers for the institutional spread?
Diana Privett
When there are people that will not wear masks, how in the World will we get them to help us by wearing a mask???
Adam Miller
None of us wants to go back to lockdown. With that being said, I believe we have all seen many individuals and many businesses disregarding the advice to wear masks and to social distance. Meanwhile, DCH numbers are rising. At what point will our police and other authorities be encourage to begin ticketing for violating these recommendations to prevent us from ending up back on lockdown?
- Mathnasium
Are there any plans to re-open Pickens County Hospital or possibly use it for a COVID quarantine facility?
asymptomatic people do not want to spread covid especially to family. has there been thought given to widespread testing in community and too contact tracing ?
Rosen Harwood
Regarding the State and DCH testing criteria, are test subjects required to have symptoms or some other justification for having a test or may anyone get a test that falls into both of these counts? In other words, are these test numbers comparable based on testing "pool".
Michele Coley
Is taking temperature still the best way to check individuals for Covid-19 for your business?
Bobby Bragg
can you discuss the effectiveness of cloth / homemade facemasks versus other types?
Laura K. Gregory
For testing at DCH you have to go through the screening for them to determine if they will test you (assuming this means you have to have symptoms or direct knowledge of being exposed.) You can pay for testing at various other locations (First Care, Urgent Care for Children, Crimson Care, others.) but I don't know how those get reported and if they are reflected in DCH numbers or State reported numbers or neither/both.
Laura K. Gregory
Aldi seems 50/50. Publix is more like 30% wearing. Home Depot/Lowes seems more like 20%.
Adam Miller
That's true, Laura.
Vicki Hicks Turnage
Tuscaloosa Licensure office was more like 10%
Adam Miller
What can be done to publicize the urgent need to wear masks? Billboards, PSA radio/tv, etc.? People need to hear this.
Laura K. Gregory
It would be nice to see some PSA billboards. Especially that tell/show how to wear mask. (NOT under your nose, like I see a lot of employees in businesses doing.)