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CIR: Great Decisions US and Philippines - Shared screen with speaker view
What is the popular feeling about Duterte? Has he got a large popular base in the country? Does the fact that he’s from the less-populated south have any impact on his support?
Greetings Ambassador Thomas and thank you for your presentation and participation in SFCIR’s discussion today. What’s your assessment of Duterte’s handling of China with respect to China’s 9-dash line and the South China Sea? Any recommendations regarding U.S. policy toward China and the South China Sea?
Chuck B
Could you speak to the traditional Catholic influence on the Philippine culture from the Spanish influence and conflict with the Muslim population in the south. With Duterte coming from the south, how has this conflict impacted his leadership?
Despite the obvious parallels between Dutarte and Trump in their style and behavior, the USA seems to be losing its influence in the Phillipines. What would you recommend as changes in US policy to reverse this?
Has Duterte taken on human trafficking, corruption or any issues other than drug trafficking?
Herb Thomas
Welcome, Ambassador Thomas. Herb Thomas here. We knew each other when you were AF’s special assistant and I was in IO/UNP. Could you comment on the Filipino diaspora, with guest workers all over the world: the Middle East, Europe . . . even as crew on cruise ships . . . They are important to the Philippine economy, sending back remittances, but are vulnerable to exploitation. Is that an issue on which the U.S. government can have any helpful influence?
Virginia McCallum
Book Recommendation: Fiction- sort of
The irony about the drug trade is that the bulk of it originates from China through the Philippines' porous borders and corruption. Why hasn't they engaged China?
Virginia McCallum
by Elaine Castillo title: America is Not the Heart (by Viking, April 2018) Follows 3 generations of women and their journeys from the Philippines to the Bay Area in pursuit of an elusive American Dream
Filipinos are also a dominant labor population on cruise ships.
Sandy Campbell
More questions please!!!
Chuck B
How large is the tourism industry in the Philippine economy? All of my travel there has been scuba diving related as they have some of wonderful reefs and protected marine parks.
iPad (3)
what about the call centers ? How are those jobs in terms of benefits, unions, etc
You mentioned super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. The fulsome USG (DOD, USAID, etc.) and private response probably saved a couple hundred thousand Filipino, imho. And the Embassy tracked down 6k+ Americans. They get 20-25 typhoons/year. And Manila gets a 6+ earthquake every 500 years and is now overdue by 50 years. US efforts to assist the Philippines in disaster preparation.?