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I can see clearly now: 2020 focus on Volunteerism in Palm Beach County - Shared screen with speaker view
Doug Bolton
Hi all. Thanks to Rosemary and her suggestion to Nonprofits First, there is now such a platform available to residents of Palm Beach to find opportunities to engage. The site is still under construction, but is available and operating. Once all active nonprofits are profiled on the site, a broader market push to the public will begin. I am from Inspiring Service, the organization helping Nonprofits First and United Ways in many communities. Happy to answer any questions. Go to https://nonprofitsfirstcares.org/. Again, this is all being made possible by Rosemary's vision she mentioned a few minutes ago!
Doug Bolton
To the question of ways to help now in the COVID era: https://nonprofitsfirstcares.org/covid-19-what-we-need-search/
Doug Bolton
Melissa Hudson
donna, where do we find information for the Stars of Hope? I have a group of teens looking to do something next week for first responders
Melissa Hudson
Here is a resource page we created for virtual volunteer opportunities: https://jewishpb.org/volunteer/index.php/2020/03/26/volunteer-projects-and-ideas/
Melissa Hudson
Rosemary, are you able to find opportunities from home right now for experienced people? Am I able to refer someone to you?
Jeanne Heavilin
I understand that Stacey Oak is now the volunteer coordinator for the School District
Melissa Hudson
Thank you all so much. I must get on another call, but I look forward to follow up information and the opportunity to connect further with Encore to support the people that reach out to me.
Belinda Lasky
Great resources and conversation - thanks!!