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Meet the Democratic Candidates - Shared screen with speaker view
Kellie Merrell
If you record this, you can share it with the folks who could not get in maybe?
Libby Hillhouse
Yes, that would be excellent. Easy to do.
Rick Scholes
How do plan to provide transportation to jobs for those who do not have sufficient to own reliable cars?
Libby Hillhouse
As a Rep. for this tri-town area, how would you intersect with our neighboring towns and their needs, recognizing that we are part of the larger Caledonia Country area with our unique needs?
Kellie Merrell
The 2018 federal tax cuts provided an enormous windfall for the top 20% of tax filers in Vermont, to the tune of $300 million dollars. Given that the state budget is predicted to be in deficit in the coming year due to the pandemic, will you support raising taxes on the wealthiest Vermonters so working Vermonters won't bare the brunt of this budget deficient? And, please share why you think you have the skills and qualifications needed to effectively tackle the anticipated budget deficit as well as the myriad of other challenges the current pandemic is putting on our community and state.Thank you all for your willingness to serve!
Rick Scholes
How do you protect seniors vulnerable to Covid-19 when many people feel it is a necessary political statement to refuse to wear masks?
Tyler LaFountaine
How do you plan to support agriculture in our community?
Brody Moran
Do you support making Juneteenth a state holiday?
Libby Hillhouse
Do you think a constitutional amendment in T for a woman’s right to choose would be an uphill battle??
Libby Hillhouse
In “Vermont” for a woman…etc
Susan Smolinsky
If you are not the nominee, will you run as an Independent, or drop out and support the winner of the primary?
Peter Griffin
Thank you Peacham Library!!!!
Kellie Merrell
Thank you Peacham Library for hosting this! And thank you to the candidates for your willingness to serve us!