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Rabbi Yuhanan Parsha Bo - Shared screen with speaker view
Anya Alayev
i understand that hashem wanted to show his glory to the world and after the first 5 makot, paroh made a choice and then hashem hardened his heart. how do you reconcile this with the fact that hashem doesn't cause pain unnecessarily and Egyptians were suffering bc of paroh even though they begged him to send thehews out
The Rybs
what's the significance of 4
Anya Alayev
if shabbat is before pesach when do you roast it and if pesach is on shabbat when do you burn the leftovers
Ayala chaya E
do we have to eat the roast, or ok just to look at it?
Ayala chaya E
how could they not listen to Hashem, they saw what was happening to Egyptians who were not listening. was there another reason why they had to put blood on doors?
Anya Alayev
was there a commandment not to break the bones of korban pesach? and if so,how were they supposed to finish all of the meat without breaking bones
Ayala chaya E
why can't we process hamets and simply not use it
Ayala chaya E
Ayala chaya E
why didn't Pharoah die as well
Ayala chaya E
he was also first born
Anya Alayev
did Hashem have mercy on paroh to give him a chance to do tshuva after hardening his heart?
Anya Alayev
in Egypt they were not circumcised. how were they eating korban pesach.