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Donna Hunt/Mike Estrella
Chester Park is not in town unless we recently acquired it!
Certainly the tourism cost in the budget is an issue to be reviewed and discussed publicly. We have to remember that some of the general town cost goes to town maintenance and is, now, covered by residents. For example, we have a larger police department because of our level of tourism. So, let’s consider all costs to the Town, not just the advertising budget level. Thank you,
From John Novak, 104 West Chew Ave — we don’t have a survey on how people learn about St. Michaels. Our limited sample found that most heard of us by word of mouth. Plus, I hope we don’t want to become Ocean City. Again, we need a more thought on what our “vision” for our community is - we are both a tourism town and a town of residents. Thank you
It’s Jen Stevens here with Doug Stewart, 103 W Marengo, owners of Bistro St Michaels. Saying that all rooms are booked is equivalent to us resting on our laurels. I know that this is unheard of in the restaurant business, and I’m pretty sure it’s bad business practice in general. We agree 100% with Kristen in discussing a strategic plan and figuring out what the vision of the COSM is for the future. It seems as though you, excluding Jaime, would like for us to head in the same direction that Oxford did. An over 50% cut in the advertising budget feels like lack of insight and preparedness for the future.
Kim Hannon
Tourism dollars were spent before 2014 through the St. Michaels Tourism Board.
Surveying our visitors is perhaps a more targeted approach to our spending. The internet and social media has changed our outlook/spending responsibilities for our marketing budget dollars.
We are asking folks on our street coming in from Santo Daomingo creek - and they are referencing visiting because of Annapolis boating and “bachelorette” parities. Word of mouth of one is 30 people heard. Sue Ann Raring W. Chew.
Curt Cummings former owner of 208 Talbot. in considering a possible return to the town at some point in future with another restaurant I am concerned that if business doesn't have the full support of the town government then they will find other areas to go to such as cambridge or the western shore who are increasing their budget and hiring marketing directors to take advantage. look at just what easton does in marketing. as for advertising in house. 208 under my tenture went full force in advertising and did not sit on reputation alone. you have to spend money to make money. it all areas
Kathleen on North Street: Getting away from the advertising issue for a moment, as a homeowner and business owner on North Street, I find the proposed tax cut to be not only short-sighted, but also missing the mark. I would rather have the $34 credit or whatever it may be, go towards services which my neighbors (who are NOT homeowners and therefore not eligible for the tax cut) so desperately need. I support Commissioner Windon’s efforts as well as John Garland’s remarks.
John Novak…How many business participants in our comments, live in St. Michaels
Jen Stevens and Doug Stewart live at 103 west marengo st.
we have sent the list already, including details on how to do it
The temporary permits issued gave them 30 days.
Kim Hannon
Batlimore City outdoor mask mandates were lifted April 30th...