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Northern Illinois Conference's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Amania Drane
Marlene Stratton
Can you talk a bit more about the Step 5-Measuring? Who uses this data? Is it shared with cong.?
Christian Coon
I appreciate the information, but I’m wondering what you’ve been learning about giving and the pandemic. How has giving been affected? What are the outlooks that people have? How should we be taking this into account when approaching people and making asks?
Barbara Morgan
I find that most Leaders are afraid of asking for money because they fear that the members will leave the Church. I was raised in the Baptist tradition, and I grew up understanding the importance and blessing in giving. I was taught that so long as you're in the Bible, and talk about giving lovingly, we have no need to fear. What are your thoughts?
Christian Coon
Thank you—Is this summary of the “Giving USA” report available?
Jeffry Bross
givingusa.org It costs $129 I believe
Carol Thorsen
Who publishes your book "Five Pillars of a First-Class LIfe" and the "Thrive" series?
leon deloney
what do you say to a small church where members are giving what they say they have.
leon deloney
thank you
Daniel G Saavedra
Many congregations in our denomination are experiencing substantial discomfort and division from a variety of issues that range from direction of the denomination to disagreement with a previous pastor. Many of these have seen great decline in pledges and in membership. How congregations can pass the massage that the purpose of giving to the church is not based on political believe, pastoral leadership, but actually the serving our Christian faith and communities?
Mori-O (She,Her)
Amen! Thank you all!!