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Coffee with Council - Park City Soils Repository - Shared screen with speaker view
Linda Jager (she/her)
Linda Jager (she/her)
From Michael Francheck: 1) What is the anticipated budget for the temporary contaminated soils containment facility?2) What is the anticipated duration of the temporary storage of soils? (Ex: how long will this facility be active?)3) What is the budget estimate for a permanent movement of soils? (I believe a Tooele location was budgeted)4) Park City has been using Tooele site for soils removal since 2010. Why the sudden change?5) How is the Arts and Cultural center project impacted by delays to find a solution for contaminated soils? (based on speculation that demolition for this project will unearth more contaminated soils)
The landfill permit requirements are much more stringent than the Richardson Flat repository, the Park City Height repository, and the City Soil Ordinance.
Lynn Ware Peek
From FB: Patty FrechetteHi, Linda. Can you ask Jonathan if he collected the trail counter numbers and what are they?
Linda Jager (she/her)
Please join us for Thursday’s Public Hearing and share your comments with Council. Participation instructions are available here: https://www.parkcity.org/government/city-council/city-council-meetings/current-public-meeting-info-listen-live
Lynn Ware Peek
From FB:
Lynn Ware Peek
Roger ArmstrongPerhaps Brian Speer can explain segregation
Lynn Ware Peek
From Roger Armstrong:I believe the Terracon testing was 11 borings, not 21. Correct?
Lynn Ware Peek
From Roger ArmstrongLast question for Brian Speer. If Bevill soils are mixed with non-Bevill (e.g. Toluene, Benzene and other contaminants, doesn't the exemption go away for the entire load?
Lynn Ware Peek
He asked that Brian Speer answer the question.
Lynn Ware Peek
Canice HarteThank you everyone
Lynn Ware Peek
Sallie Rinderknechtthank you for tonight's information