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April 7, 2021 Chamber Lunch Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Donn Liston
It is wonderful to be here. Thank you for holding this forum.
Britney Olsen
This was the first time I have used the Closed Captioning (Live Transcript) from the lower portion of the Zoom. It was distracting at least while I was talking! :) If it's easier for you, you can turn this feature off. Go to the "Live Transcript" and disable the auto portion!
Lynne Sauve
thank you for the captioning
Britney Olsen
Just a reminder this Forum is being recorded and will be available following the meeting on our website and in our Friday Chamber Newsletter.
Britney Olsen
Jackie Endsley is another candidate that was not available to attend today. She asked that we provide her contact information for anyone who would like to ask her any questions. Endsleyjackie@gmail.com
Donn Liston
My story about MEA:https://donnliston.blogspot.com/2021/03/please-vote-for-me.html
Britney Olsen
How would you prioritize MEA members while collaborating with other Railbelt utilities to provide reliable and affordable power throughout Alaska?
Britney Olsen
It's a long question so I posted it!!
Britney Olsen
Ryan Estrada with the Anchorage Daily News donated a gift card. The Winner is Bob Doyle. I will use your email address you registered with to contact you following the Forum. If you'd like you can also contact me at info@cer.org
Britney Olsen
Thanks everyone for joining us today!