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TRP Tree Summit - Shared screen with speaker view
Betsy Otto (R)
Are there ways to give street trees more space once they’re already planted (in too small a space)?
Jeff and Laura
What types of trees are most able to withstand storms that uprooted the huge old trees last month after the extremely wet conditions?
Betsy Otto (R)
And are mychorizal (sp?) networks important for street trees like they are now known to be in forests? Can mychorizae be added around street trees?
Sarah Wayland - R
How do we encourage tall trees, when utilities will cut them down if they are near them. (e.g., tall trees under electric lines)
Dwight Holmes-R
Richard, are you aware of any successful public education campaigns (something better than putting a copy of the Nature of Oaks in hotel rooms!) that have boosted local support for pro-tree / pro-native plants / pro-pollinator policies?
Alison Savage-R
Are there any case studies of how to increase acceptance of the aesthetic of native plantings, rain gardens, leaves from large trees, etc.?
Betsy Otto (R)
Can soils be improved after the fact (I.e., after trees are already planted)?
Jeff and Laura
Is there anything that can be done to get The State Highway Admin and Pepco to change their laws/guidelines that dictate removal of shade trees within 20 feet of any power line
Steve Savage - R
What level of tree diversity should we look for to prevent disease and pest issues such as with Dutch elm, HWA, or ash borer?
Sarah Batto- R
How much unpaved space should we plan for street tree roots to grow? (What's the appropriate feet from the curb to the sidewalk assuming we have clay soils about a foot below the ground?)
Rochelle Campbell-R
How do we manage tree that are being choked by vines? Or at what point should we be concerned about the tree health?
Corey Slavitt
How can residents and/or municipalities rule over public utilities’ private property repairs that use concrete, when other surface material replacement would be better for trees?
Billy Friebele-R
So, Tamara Embry and Jake Foster are not here at the moment. I put Lora in group C & Alex in group D to cover for them in case they don't show up in time.
Tamara Embrey-R
I’m here!
Tamara Embrey-R
I’ve been here since 9:00.
Billy Friebele-R
Ok, sorry that wasn't meant for the larger group. Thanks Tamara!
Jeff and Laura
Piggybacking on a previous question, the percentage of trees being choked by ivy is horrifying and over our 32 years in Berwyn Heights has visibly increased greatly especially in the last 20 years. What can be done at the county level to address that. I seems to be too overwhelming at the city level. Also the Highway administrations seem to be really dropping the ball. If you look along BW parkway it is startling to see the difference between Greenbelt Park (no vines) and the immediately adjacent stretches (completely overtaken and compromised trees
Alison Savage-R
MaryLee - What has Mt. Rainier found most helpful in building community engagement around protecting and planting trees?
Juliana Schifferes
These are very informative presentations--Alex will this recording be sent out to everyone on the call?
Susan Whitney, College Park City Council
Yay, Todd!
Sarah Batto- R
Congrats Todd!
Susan Whitney, College Park City Council
Jeff and Laura
Is there a way to claculate tree canopy decrease in just urban areas of county? A large percentage of county is rural, so the loss of 4.5% overall is huge.
Jeff and Laura
Will a link to the recording of this summit be available later?
Steve Hartig-R
In Riverdale Park, what is the appropriate way to handle concerns related to large, dying trees on neighboring property that may be hazardous? The property next to ours is unoccupied and has a particular ivy-covered tree that I am concerned about.
Sarah Wayland - R
Why is Riverdale Park losing so many healthy trees?
Susan Whitney, College Park City Council
What do you mean by "scan" trees? Are you using a process or a particular technology?
Jillian Molina-R
There are a couple of trees planted on my street either last year or the year before but they weren't maintained and seemingly have died. Is there a process for removing (small) dead trees and replanting?
Sarah Wayland - R
And what are we doing to make sure town trees are watered and maintained?
David Brosch
What about the private spaces in town? What about the protection of the large trees in residential yards?
Sarah Batto- R
Jeff and Laura- yes, the town is recording this and will make it available (I believe on the town website). We'll send details to all registered participants where to find the recording after the summit.
Tamara Embrey-R
How can we make it easier for residence to get new street trees or other trees the may be available?
Tamara Embrey-R
Rochelle Campbell-R
A few people mentioned private spaces, what about the area's of town that touch the PG Parks space that are not being cared for? How does Riverdale work with them?
Alison Savage-R
Ivy - Does the Town have a way to protect trees near new development, such as the large oak in the area proposed for development around Queensbury Rd and Rhode Island Ave?
Christine O’Brien
Woodland Conservation Act and development in the county. How many replacement trees per acre and where are the trees being replanted?
Steve Savage - R
Does Mt Rainier have an opt out, as opposed to opt in, for the property owner for street tree planting?
Betsy Otto (R)
Thanks so much Ivy for the very helpful presentation. I live in Riverdale Park Station and the developer, Cafritz, has done an awful job of tree planting (replanting the same trees too shallowly, in poor soil, not watering them, etc). Our HOA has worked with the mayor and John Lestitian to hold Cafritz accountable for that before they formally turn over the RPS streets to the town. The HOA is very eager to work with the town to hold Cafritz accountable and help this young street canopy thrive.
MaryLee Haughwout - Mount Rainier Tree Commission
Steve - generally we've taken the approach to opt in through the adopt a tree approach. However, with some County plantings, the approach was opt out. We find it much more successful to get the resident to adopt and as part of that commitment they water the tree.
Richard Olsen (he/him), USNA
For perspective, at the National Arboretum, with 451 acres, we spend as much as $125K per year for removals of trees, and almost nothing on preventive tree maintenance.
Dave Burns
Who should residents contact for street tree concerns and how can they expect to get feedback (and how soon)? Thanks!
David's iPad
Along with appropriations in the general budget, what are the thoughts amoung respective staffs regarding transferring some elements of the tree canopy efforts to being a part of the Capital Improvement Program portion of the budget?
Tamara Embrey-R
What does Mt. R do to maintain their trees? Maybe we could find out what’s working for them?
Jillian Molina-R
thank you Ivy!
MaryLee Haughwout - Mount Rainier Tree Commission
At Mount Rainier - it is a hybrid approach for maintenance. For young trees, we try to get the resident to help and the tree commission prunes. With larger trees, we have a contract with Bartlett to provide maintenance services for pubic trees.
Kiesha J
What is the name if the Global organization that has a selection of trees available for planting? Thank you
Tamara Embrey-R
Thank you so much!
Richard Olsen (he/him), USNA
Most welcome!
Jackie Sabath
Thank you Riverdale folks for planning this and for the presenters. Time well spent!
Steve Hartig-R
MaryLee Haughwout - Mount Rainier Tree Commission
Thank you - great to participate!
Jeff and Laura
Is there a way to request or require Pepco and or SHA to dedicate as much funds toward tree maintanence/ivy removal as they do toward tree removal?
Karen O. Brown
Thanks so much for all!