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Chad Merrill
I have a question about listing alerts please when you are ready :)
Connie Martin
I have the opposite problem when I do a search many times there are NO listings that match so I have to expand and expand until it no loner matches the clients needs.
Nick Crothers
What are the best practices for handling spouses for FUB integration. FUB recommends putting both people in a single profile. I'm guessing only one email comes into STARS profile. Obviously, can set multiple emails up on listing alerts. But Stars will really prioritize one of the numbers and emails when there are multiple that would like to receive them.
Carol Kennedy
I had that issue with liondesk texts. Had to shut those off
I'm calling absentee owners & FSBO's getting permission to email them a CMA. Can you cover what your best practices are in FUB ie. Seller Alerts & to engage Homebot?
When you get a new lead at what point do you start a drip campaign? and I'm using firepoint.which one right out ofd the gate?
Sharon G Scott @sassy_realestate_agent
Yep .. LD is the worst. I would shut those off before I would add a lead and then bada bam, those leads are still getting my drip. UGH. Frustration City!
Also, I'm talking to some sellers that are elderly without an email address asking me to snail mail them which I can do. You mentioned in FB post you're sending CMA's with Corefact postcards. How are you best using these postcards in your VA market ?
Richard McDonough
Richard McDonough
Did you see the thread in YSC about conversion monster and how this agent said it was terrible and there was a different level of service depending on who you are?
Sharon G Scott @sassy_realestate_agent
What is revolve?
Barry Jenkins (Virginia Beach, VA)
Richard - No I didn’t see that! Can you tag me? I need to find out what’s going on there
Nick Crothers
Is Homebot fully launched at this point? I've been trying to test it but haven't seen the ylopo augmentations yet.