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Advanced PPC Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Marti Richter
If I changed my daily Budget during the last 30 days, which Budget will Show on the Sellics Dashboard? Only the latest Budget, Right?
Prabhleen Sahota
If we put a postage price for a fba item, does Sellics use these or the information they get from amazon?
Judith Mori
If I have campaigns in Autopilot and I see that I need to increase my target CPC (because Autopilot keeps decreasing bids) will Autopilot be able to catch up immediately? or it will take a few days/weeks and its better to just remove these campaigns from Autopilot
Michele Manfredonia
same for me. Auopilot keep decreasing the bids.
Mohammed Aljadaa
Just started my account and campaigns and the ACOS in 2 days is 135%, where it was setup to be only at 45% max. When do you see this decreasing usually?
Judith Mori
when you recommend increasing CPC manually, I tried this but Autopilot kept decreasing bids so I ended up removing it but I didn't try fixing the target CPC. As of today, I'm not sure if I should try Autopilot again, with optimized CPCs or keep managing my campaigns manually
Sylvia Fusari
I am also seeing this where the ACOS is over our target and I am not sure how long it should be left to sort out
Judith Mori
I'm not certain of the response hehe
Mohammed Aljadaa
From your experience, how much time are we talking about for Autopilot to learn?
Judith Mori
2 days 🙏
Judith Mori
thank you!
Michele Manfredonia
Generally speaking, it often happen that Amazon reward you after some clicks on manual campaigns with no sales just because of the traffic. So some ADV accounts for some countries can have a higher ACOS some days (and the whole ADV account for that country goes out of budget so you will decrease the budget at account level) and a lower ACOS later when Amazon reward you for the previous clicks (in that case that ADV account will be out of budget because you reduced it some days before). Can you please clarify how to approach this trend in the respect of the budget allocation?In my case it happens that one day the ADV at country level goes at 80% and the day later at 35%
Marco Varnas
Judith Mori
can we see this CR/page placement report by keyword?
Judith Mori
in other words: find my top 20% converting keywords and see where I stand in order to increase my target bids
Judith Mori
thank you ☺️
Judith Mori
you recommended leave Autopilot for January. Same thing for campaigns on Eassysetup?