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Will Holmes's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Grant McCarty
How much $$ has she put into this business so far?
Grant McCarty
Too many people putting their savings into starting businesses without knowing if they can even make it work in the first place :/ Tough to watch…
Jessica Antonen (she/her)
@Grant agreed
Grant McCarty
Fullblast STEAM has done the hardest part — getting schools to pay thousands of dollars for a program is EXTREMELY difficult. I know firsthand. But I’m glad you’re encouraging him not to scale too quickly. EdTech companies get lost in growth, and it hurts everyone in the end. Great job keeping him in check :-)
Guy DeWeever II
Appreciate it Grant. That’s been our main test since day 1. We’re just glad we’ve been able to get them to see the value in focusing on the foundation of their business.
Grant McCarty
Your willingness to give your client bad news just adds to your credibility when you make positive recommendations. Makes it mean even more than it would if you weren’t open and honest with them from the get go (about the bad stuff). Good for you, Will and Janvi.
Grant McCarty
Dang all these teams are so amazing. You all are killing it
Eric Young
Thanks for sharing your challenges in such a clear and informative way. It's been very informative listening to how you all have been smashing through these barriers. Great job to all 3 teams that presented!
Tracy Akinade
It blows me away how honest you all are every week and how you gain perspective from each other, really
Naina Grover, ngrover4@jh.edu
Naina Grover, ngrover4@jh.edu
We are buying this! Deal! Haha!
Eric Young
Hipster Twinkie!!!
Will Dinneen
Grant! Thanks, man. Really appreciate your support. You are knocking out of the park - always giving it your all.
Muhammad Ali Mehdi
The question here would be why should the companies come to you and not do it in-house
Muhammad Ali Mehdi
Interestingly in terms of revenue, gaming isn't the only options. Holo Lens (microsoft's answer to oculus) just signed a deal with the US govt to apply this technology to military and warfare
Jessica Antonen (she/her)
My husband and I offer VR services for architecture projects. Lots of fun and good money!
Grant McCarty
@Ali great point! So many applications of VR… which is why I’m so excited about it!. And @Jessica, that’s so cool. How does one even get into that space?
Jessica Antonen (she/her)
It started in architecture school... after that growing the skillset through hobbies and jobs.
Naina Grover, ngrover4@jh.edu
Loved the idea, Raj! It’s a deal again! I would add VR for the people who workout to track the calories burnt and tracking the energy score. Same goes for your cafe! Interesting idea!
Thank you, Naina!!!
Uwella John Rubuga
Thank you! Great class today!