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Enhancing The New Normalcy With Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection - Part Two - Shared screen with speaker view
Troy Cowan
Presentations and recordings from Day 1 & 2 will be posted to the IUVA.ORG website with ~1 week.
Troy Cowan
Happy to take questions at the end of the presentations. Feel free to put them up on the Q&A tape in Zoom.
Troy Cowan
Q&A Tab in Zoom.
Peter Peter
The FDA grants pre market clearance for biological indicators to be used with autoclaves and VHP sterilizers used in central sterile. They basically verify that the conditions were met to achieve sterilizing. Shouldn't the UVC industry and the FDA cooperate on creating a similar BI for UVC. A fast read out, consumable, that accurately demonstrates that the conditions were met within air conduits or water pipes, or inside chambers or on surfaces to achieve disinfection of the challenge pathogen - typically an bacterial endospore - embedded in the UVC transparent BI vial, measured within a photonic reader.