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Nonprofit Event 5.20.20 - Shared screen with speaker view
Solomon Belette
Please mute yourself if you are not muted.
Megan Barton
Thanks for the reference, Howard. Here's a link for everyone: http://www.oaklandindiealliance.com/
Lisa Malul
Thanks Megan.
Maria Alderete
Our Community Kitchens program is 7 weeks old and has served 6,500 meals from 24 restaurants. ckoakland.org
Jean Marie Durant
For small business and non-profit the collaboration and partnership is key.
Maria Alderete
Meiko, want to connect you with Bob at Oliveto
Maria Alderete
Natalia, have you connected with Jean at OAM on their storefront project?
Jean Marie Durant
Also finding that there are many, many organizations within the same model (visual arts, performing arts, etc.) that are all thinking the same things. We will be most successful if we collaborate.
Jean Marie Durant
Hi Maria, Yes!!! I’ve discussed The Storefront Windows Initiative with Natalia!
Maria Alderete
OakDOT is currently taking feedback on how to use our pubic streets for outdoor dining and art organizations and music.
Blase Bova
Hi, this is Blase from the Chamber Community Impact Committee and from St. Vincent de Paul. wanted to make a comment if we have a moment. Thanks.
Mieko Hatano - Symphony
Thanks @Maria! My email address: mhatano@oaklandsymphony.org & Oliveto is a go-to lunch spot!
Barbara Leslie
The Chamber is hosting a series of industry specific reopening conversations to support our work with the Mayor's re-opening task force. Please participate if relevant for your org. Info has been sent to all and can be found on the Chamber website, or reach out to any of us with questions.
Barbara Leslie
And shout out to Maria …. talk about pivoting … supporting her staff and our City's most vulnerable. #oakproud
Ayliffe Brown
I appreciate all of you! Thank you for doing the deep work and the work on the ground to learn and help our community.
Barbara Leslie
Thanks Howard... your supplies kept our entire family together in our new art studio... formerly the dining room!
Isaac Kos-Read/KRG
Ditto! Shout out to the Chamber for this great event and all the COVID-related programming you'll have been doing. Shout out to OIA for helping Howard and more. Shout out to Maria and her CK effort. Shout out to working together...what Howard said about this town is too true.
Lisa Malul
Ditto Isaac and Ayliffe..
Katharine Earhart
Great point Mieko! Now is the time for bravery as we pivot.
Megan Barton
I agree! So many beautiful, creative people...you are so essential to the resilience and recovery of our communities. Thank you!
Michael Mathews
Thank you, everyone. It is scary to have huge portions of your revenue evaporate instantly, but this gives me the hope and motivation to carry on, working with our partners and customers and looking for new ways to serve the need (we provide in home childcare).
Pat Williams
Great meeting. Many thanks to the Chamber for organizing and to all the panelists for thoughtful comments. I found this inspiring.
Shelton Welch
Thank you Oakland Chamber for putting this on. Though I’m a Fremont resident, it was good to see how Oakland Chamber is working to bring partnership together. I see Oakland as my city, a city where I spend my money through dining and education opportunities.
Maria Alderete
Big thanks to the Chamber for being the bridge to bring us all together.
Ashleigh Smallwood
If you want to send questions, I can make it easy and you can email me, Ashleigh Smallwood, Small Business and Workforce Manager at asmallwood@oaklandchamber.com
Jean Marie Durant
Thanks All! Nice to hear real-time stories about navigating this current time.
Ashleigh Smallwood
Thanks for joining!
Tom Guarino
Great program!
Marcy Straw
Thank you - great, thoughtful insights.
Barbara Leslie
Thanks Everyone. Again #oakproud