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COVID-19 Update Webinar: September 23 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebecca Stoller
Please add any questions to the chat box.
Lara Rosenberg
Is NYGH going to be getting saliva testing like Mt. Sinai and WCH?
Harvey Blankenstein
can you comment on FP and FN rate for testing? I’m getting asked this a lot from “asymptomatic “ pts about FP; also incubation period
Andrea Stern
For health care workers, is there any prioritising of testing for covid?
Andrea Stern
How are pharmacies able to maintain distancing when giving flu shots?
Kimberly Wintemute
Agree. CoVId Centre great place to work. Fun, fast-paced, positive vibe
Rebecca Stoller
If you’re interested in working at the CAC, please reach out: rebecca.stoller@nygh.on.ca
David Eisen
And for any questions about NYGH, our department, teaching or privileges: David.eisen@nygh.on.ca
Jordana Sacks
So why are they asking the kids to eat in their classrooms not distanced???
David Kaplan
David Eisen
We will post specific guidance on how to run a clinic in your office through Notes
David Eisen
For flu shots
Sandy Stemp
For those with developmental disabilities who age earlier - should they receive the high dose vaccine at an earlier age. We usually use the age of 50 years
Maria Muraca
so pharmacies will be doing COVID testing AND giving preventive flu shots??
Joanne Laine-Gossin
Can you comment on protocol for asymptomatic patients who have the app, get pinged but have no idea how significant that contact was. Do they need to get tested and/or self isolate? Self-isolation was the advice given to someone I know by PH.
Harvey Blankenstein
what is sensitivity and specificity of saliva test if ( collection devices were standardized etc..)
David Kaplan
Fact Sheet for 2020 Influenza Vaccine - Public Health Ontario - https://www.publichealthontario.ca/-/media/documents/f/2020/fact-sheet-influenza-vaccine-2020-2021.pdf?la=en
Barbara Erdelyi
is nasal spray flu vaccine going to be available
David Kaplan
No FLuMist Available this year
David Kaplan
saliva test will likely be used in specific populations rather than general populations
Debra Birnbaum
what is being done now to improve access to testing? how will the wait times be improved asap?
David Eisen
Would a self-swabbing program help with volumes and line-up challenges?
David Eisen
That answers the self-swabbing question
Ekua Asabea Blair
One of my employees had travelled to Columbia before the pandemic. She recently returned to Canada. She had a C19 test at the airport and self-isolated for 14 days. She was required to do another C-19 at the end of self-isolation. Can we allow her to return to work without waiting for the result of the last C19 test taken at the end of the 14 day isolation?
David Kaplan
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David Kaplan
Andrea Stern
The app also doesn't tell you when the contact was. so do you isolate for 14 days from the time you're notified? Does a negative test mean you don't have to isolate?
Sandy Stemp
Any thought about mobile vaccination units?